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What it stand for?

by Staff on July 23, 2008

From Snoop’s “Who am I”(what’s my name?) to Eminem’s “Hi,my Name is” to eMC’s debut single “What it Stand for”, everybody is trying to put their names into your head, but what does it really stand for or how did it all come together, is there a story behind it? What was the original meaning and what have people done with it? I think it’s pretty interesting what different acronyms or “backronyms” exist for one word, some make sense some really don’t, but at the end we are all curious to know what it means and we might start to invent new acronyms as did eMC…

Some acronyms might be obvious or better known than others, everybody should know for what N.W.A stands for, but does everybody know what JaRule stands for, or that Wu-Tang is more than just some Chinese Mountains…

In Example here’s a list excerpt from wikipedia, explaining Darryl McDaniels (from Run-D.M.C) moniker DMC:

“…Run encouraged McDaniels to rap rather than DJ. Gradually, McDaniels came to prefer rapping to mixing records, and adopted the nickname of “Easy D”. In 1981, he dropped the “Easy D” moniker in favor of “DMcD”, the way he signed his work in school, and then to the shorter “D.M.C.”. D.M.C. alternately stood for “Devastating Mic Controller” or his nickname since childhood, “Darryl Mac”… “

or the story behind KRS-One:

“…Parker grew up in the Bronx section of New York City to parents of Jamaican descent. In his teenage years, he frequently accompanied the Hare Krishnas and was subsequently nicknamed “Krisna”, hence “Kris”. “KRS-One” was originally Parker’s graffiti tag, short for “Kris Number One”. He began using it as his stage name and later devised a backronym for the name: “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.”…”

or Atmpshere’s Sean Daley aka Slug

“…..The name “Slug” is based on his father’s nickname “Sluggo”; as a child, Sean was called “Little Sluggo”. He also goes by the name SepSeven, from his birthday September 7th…..”

So here are some more and some less known acronyms, names, facts etc, feel free to add, correct or invent to the list:

N.W.A.: N!ggas With Attitude
EPMD**: Erick and Parrish Making Dollars
B.D.P.: Boogie Down Productions
K-OS Knowledge Of Self
KRS-ONE : Knowledge Reigns Surpreme Over Nearly Everyone
Memphis Bleek: Makin’ Easy Money Pimpin’ Ho’s in Style
Beastie Boys: Boys Entering Anarchistic States Toward Inner Excellence.
Nore: N!ggas On The Run Eatin’
J.v.c. Force: Justified by Virtue of Creativity for all reasons concerning entertainment
Big Daddy Kane – King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal
Murs – Making Underground Raw Shit
P.O.S – Pissed Off Stef/Product Of Society/Piece Of Shit/Promise Of Skill,
DMX – Dark Man X / Dog Man X
Guru – Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal
Ja Rule – Jeff Atkins Represents Unconditional Love’s Existence
N.E.RD – No one Ever Really Dies
LL Cool J – Ladies Love Cool James
K-Solo – Kevin Self Organization Left Others
P.A Mase (delasoul*) – Public Announcer Making A Soulful Effort
Black Moon – Brothers Lyrically Acting Combined Kicking Music Out Of Nations
Edo G. & The Bulldogs – Every Day Other Girl & The Black United Leaders Living Directly Off Grooving Sounds
Junior M.a.f.i.a – Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes
The Lox – Living Off-Experience
KMD – Kausin Much Damage
Thug Life – The Hate U Gave Lil Infants Fuck Everybody
DITC – Diggin In The Crates
AG – Andre the Giant
Yaggfu Front – You Are Gonna Get Fucked Up if you Front
Kool G Rap – Kool Genius of Rap
PSK – Park Side Killas
Wu-Tang – We Usually Take All N!ggas’ Garments/ Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game
Grandmixer D.ST – Delancey Street
ATBAN Clan – A Tribe Beyond A Nation
MC Eiht – Experienced In Hardcore Thumpin’
MF Grimm – Mad Flows
MF DOOM – Metal Fingers/Metal Face/Mic Fiend/Multi Faced
EMC: every minute counts/Essential music catalog/experts making classics/evil motherless child/excellent mic controllers/Each must come/Every man can/East and Midwest Champions/exceptional men collaborating/Easily murderin’ competition/Extravagant music click/everyone must contribute/Easy money comes/Each man can/Experience musical change/eccentric music celebrities/ etc…

*Additional info: The other two members stage names are explained as following:
Trugoy when reversed spells yogurt, because he likes yogurt and Posdnuos spelled backwards is the combination of the reversed words “Sop,” meaning “leftover,” and “Sound,” a name Pos went by while acting as a high school DJ.

**Props to “enig mue” for pointing me out that obvious one, which I totally forgot about.

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