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WYDU Classics July 08

by Travis on July 30, 2008

Well since it is almost the end of July after all, I might as well post this month’s WYDU Classics. I was meaning to do a bunch of rare De La material, but I still have a bunch of my shit in boxes from moving last winter, so not everything is easily accessible. The originally started off with a theme of new oldies, since I’ve been listening to a lot of the “unearthed gems” popping up lately, such as the McGruff EP, the DITC Rare Productions album that popped up and a Cenobites project that came out of nowhere. But I soon realized while there was some great stuff, there wasn’t enough to fill a whole volume. So I did what I usually do and went and added some songs I’ve had stuck in my subconscious mind lately. The original version of “Jorge of the Projects” from last year’s Kurious demos that popped up around the time of his debut rerelease. I think I like it better than the album version. The original version of BDP’s “P Is Free” can also be found on this months collection. It’s not as good as the original, but still worth a listen. Also found toward the end of the tape are a couple personal favorites of mine. First is Rise of Demigodz fame and his joint “Do You Know Him?” I never thought I’d be longing for the quality underground indie music that was found toward the turn of the century, but damn, I am. This is a great joint with a nice smooth beat. I wish dude would return. Also, WYDU favorite J-Zone has his S.L.A.P., that without looking, I want to say was a b-side to…..well, my memory is shot, but it’s b-side that came out around the Pimps Don’t Pay Taxes. Little Bastards is some ignorant shit from the early 90′s. I must say though, I apperciate this more now than I did back then. It’s also a tribute to long time WYDU contributor Brian aka B aka MC Eiht aka a couple other names. He is moving on to greener pastures, so I’d like to say “thanks” and best of luck!

WYDU Classics July 08

01 Kurious Jorge – Jorge Of The Projects (Original)
02 Big L – Unexpected Flava
03 The Cenobites – Don Don Don
04 Herb Mcgruff – 8 Iz Enuff (demo version)
05 Boogie Down Productions – P Is Free (original)
06 Bumpy Knuckles – Crazy Like A Foxxx (ultra magnetic dis)
07 Rakim – How Im Livin
08 Big Daddy Kane – Its A Shame (Remix)
09 Def Squad – Pay Per View
10 Bushwackas – Rough Ruggd and Raw
11 Little Bastards – Bitch Get A Job
12 Puppets of Chaos – Tru Dat (street mix)
13 Page – Mass Hysteria
14 Rise – Do You Know Him
15 Hip Hop Fanatics – Da 3 Man Threat
16 2for5 – Playin the Strip
17 J-Zone – S.L.A.P.
18 Mr. Mixxx & The Roughneck Posse – Oh My Gosh

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