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J-Zone Gator$ & Fur$: August 08

by Travis on August 2, 2008

J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla present…GATOR$-n-FUR$ Mixshow


Welcome back to the land of Gator$-n-Fur$! I took July off to tackle other obstacles life chose to throw at me, take a needed vacation, fix my mailing list (I hate gmail) and let you catch up on past Gator$-n-Fur$ shows you missed. But my co-host Chief Chinchilla just couldn’t stay out of trouble. I never did smoke much weed beause a) I was too cheap and b) you never can tell what else is in it these days. Chief didn’t get that memo and he’s actin’ a damn fool (more so than usual) as he’s become a temporary drug addict due to some ruthless player haters that want to see his onion ring pimping come to a terrible halt. If you do drugs, then do em to this mix. If you’re a boring straight edge like me, enjoy one hour of music dedicated to the world of narcotics, for better or worse…and watch the story unfold!

I know zshare sucks so if it’s that unbearable to you, you have the option to download it here with instead (no x-rated pop ups, etc.)

Here are some shows you may have missed…

J-Zone aka Mr. Don’t Holla aka $ir Charge aka The Tom Jones Of Rap aka Gargamel Jones aka Zone Loc aka The Fax Phone Giggolo aka DJ No Requests Cause I Ain’t No Fuck*n iPOD


Chief Chinchilla aka The Onion Ring Pimp aka PETA’s Worst Nightmare aka The Mike Tyson Of Fine Dining
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