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West Coast Goodness Day 1: Mista Grimm – Things Are Looking Grimm

by Travis on August 5, 2008

We all have to admit that the Wesyde is a summer time music while the east coast is more for the winter. In the west, namely in sunny southern Cali, it’s always sunny and warm. Perfect weather for the drop tops. And if the roof is blowin’, then you need cruisin’ tunes in your ride. That’s the basis for the rolling bass and the tight synths that accompanies a majority of the west coast music. It’s the basis for G-Funk and it’s part of the lifestyle and the culture. Things are more chilled out west, things move at a slower pace.

It’s summer time, so y’all need some jams to pump in the rides. That’s what we are about to do, drop some west coast ridin’ music. Something to drop the top and let the jams play.

warren g and mr grimm

Mista Grimm – Things Are Looking Grimm 1995

Track Listing
01. What The Hell Is A Incrow? – (interlude)
02. I’ve Had Enough – (interlude)
03. Mighty Brimm – (interlude)
04. Cold Day In Hell
05. Super Bones – (interlude)
06. Steady Dippen
07. Poetry In Motion
08. Hostyle
09. The Danger Of Pork – (interlude)
10. Da Whole 9
11. Nuttins Changed
12. Pon De Riddum
13. A.S.A.P. (A Smooth-Ass Poet)
14. Jesse Jackum – (interlude)
15. Indo Smoke – (party mix)
16. Can I Phuck On Your Blanket? – (interlude)


Contributing artists: Bobcat, D.J. Pooh, Nate Dogg, Threat

I’ve always heard about this album’s exsistence, but I have never seen it. That was, until this week when someone flipped it my way in an email. So many thanks goes out to Fritz. For those of you not familiar with Mista Grimm, he dropped a GREAT single on the Poetic Justice soundtrack entitled “Indo Smoke”, which was produced by none other than Dr. Dre’s younger brother, Warren G and included the hook meister himself, Nate Dogg. It looked as if Grimm and Warren were set to take the world by storm. The track generated a buzz ala “Deep Cover” did for Dre and a young Snoop a few years earlier and the duo were poised to make a move. Then all of a sudden, they got into a rumored squabble and that was it. No more Warren. The rumor was that Mista Grimm got a little to big for his own good. I can’t recall for sure if this album actually saw the light of day, but finding info on the net is nearly impossible, so I’m guessing it never got released. Check that, after some snooping around some more and actually spelling his name right, it was up on Amazon, but none for sale and no listing in Discogs. I want to say it did drop, but did horribly. We shall see…..

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