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New Artist Spotlight: Crew54

by Travis on August 10, 2008

Hip Hop is everywhere these days, and Crew54 is a prime example of that. Coming straight out of Killeen Texas, Crew54 first appeared on WYDU in one of my (never) Daily News reports, when I posted up a track from them. I liked it enough to hit the guys up doing a spotlight. I hate comparing groups, but I’d almost say that Crew54 sounds like a rougher version of Little Brother. The employ melodic tracks as the duo of G-Christ and M.O.S. kick their southern twinged lyrics that brings a neck spasm from the head nodding. Their newest album, Aggressive Soul, is armed with some great tracks, such as “Therapy” and gets WYDU’s seal of approval by forking out my hard earned money for it. We sat down with the duo and discussed their music, their reality series, and titties….

Crew54 Myspace (Free Downloads)

Crew54 Youtube 54 Reality Show

Crew 54 feat Alpha 2020 - Feel me

WYDU: What’s good guys? Gotta ask the boring generic questions to get them out of the way…So how did y’all get together to form Crew54? Shine a little light on the history of the group….

(G-Christ): Man, we were supposed to do one song then, mos forced me into being his sidekick lol! Nah we met through a mutual friend and to make a long story short we started making music.

(MOS): Even thought it was only a few years back, it feels like we’ve been running in this forever. G was in another group and I was doing the solo thing, but basically since we did our first track we’ve been a crew.

W: How do y’all compliment each other the mic and in the studio? How is it working with each other in the lab, do you both sit down together to brain storm or is a little bit of individual work then hash it out later?

(G-Christ): Man, that’s fam right there. I’m at the house even on days we aren’t doing music. We know each other so it’s easy in the lab. There’s no ego, just trust. We concentrate on the same thing… making a hot track, performing well, whatever it is we want to get better as Crew54.

(MOS) Well I write all of his lyrics, and he edits all of my videos so it works out real well for both of us. On the real though, we both push each other to make the track as hot as possible and their is no sensitivity when opinions are given.

W: The sound from what I’ve heard so far is one that is kind of different than I would expect for a group coming out of Texas (once again, generalizations are a bitch…) How would you explain your sound and your music. What are some of your influences?

(G-Christ): Aggressive soul is our sound. Any LP I hear (hip hop) that the artist still has that hunger to make it.

(MOS): Well neither one of us is originally from Texas, but I got nothing but love for it because it gave us our start and a place to grind. I would say our style is mainly east coast flavored but its the “keep it real” music that anyone from anywhere could relate too.

W: Your new project is Aggressive Soul, what can a new listener to Crew 54 expect from this release? What are some of the producers and guests we can expect on the album?

(G-Christ): A balance. It’s definitely a well rounded album anyone can vibe to from beginning to end. Bavu Blakes, Mike and Ike, and Rochelle Terrell all made the album classic! The production inspired us to go at this album hard.

(MOS): Man we got a wide range of producers that truthfully like our sound and wanted to work with us. Remax out of Germany, The Sole Vibe, and Qenetic Storm. You’re going to get some powerfully soulful beats with true to life energetic flows.

W: Coming from a place on the map that isn’t exactly a hip hop hotbed, do you think hip hop is slowly breaking down the regional bias that ruled it so much in the early days, or is it still in exsistence?

(G-Christ): I believe it’s still there. Hip Hop has spread over the years, but we are in a spot heavily overlooked. So we know it still exists.

(MOS): It’s 08, there is hip-hop everywhere. Even as I type my answers back I’m chatting with an MC from Scotland. Just like alot of places, Texas has plenty of brilliant acts, and probably more wack acts. I’ve seen headlines come through and get shut down by a local opener. If people can go in with an open mind they could find some heat in all the different hip-hop genres in Texas.

W: You have a reality series out there on Youtube, what was the reason for doing those? Any crazy ish happening on those? Naked chicks? Crazy parties?

(G-Christ): Mos hit the jackpot with the show. We started off just doing video blogs and decided to call it the “54 Reality Show”. It’s us on a weekly basis plain as can be. No skits nothing it’s all us all real whether it’s hip hop or crazy parties with R and B singing lol!

(MOS): Man we are late as hell to the youtube party, but in essence we are ahead of lot of our peers in that same manner. Our reality show not only showcases our daily grind, but gives coverage of the Cen-Tex Hip-Hop Scene. I got some footage that I haven’t used but yeah, there is some
crazy shit going on.

W: How do you feel about promotional tools such as the reality shows on youtube, mixtapes and just the internet in general?

(G-Christ): The internet gives you access to a lot of things as an artist that were impossible back in the day. The show has opened so many doors for us It’s crazy. Dookie Alowishus( MOS) is a beast on the edit so it’s looks professional.

(MOS): We don’t have major cosigns, we really can’t afford these exuberant prices for collabs and videos, so we have to do it ourselves. This is our way to bring something new to the fans without a major marketing budget and butt nekkid video chics. People got so much new music that they are almost lazy about it, so you have to find away to endear yourself and showcase what you can do.

W: What do y’all have lined up the future that we need to be looking out for?

(G-Christ): Every week check out the “54 Reality Show” and leave a comment! “Damage is Done” the G-Christ EP mixed by DJ Kidcut coming soon for free download, and the Crew54 Mixtape is gonna bang your head against the wall later this year.

(MOS): Since he stole my answer, let me just add that if we get the folks The Table Manners Crew on our new mixtape its going to be nuts. A real throwback to oldschool mixtapes with hot tracks and dope turntablism. Plus we got more videos, you want to be down come holla at ya folks.

W: Any last words for the good people of the internet?

(G-Christ): To the fans and folks who aren’t fans just yet, support your upcoming artist in whatever genre you like, because if you don’t there is no future.

(MOS): Check out the 54 Reality Show and I gotta give some love to C-Hova the four bar superstar. Oh yeah, and this is important…Put your titties on the glass!

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