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N'Telligence – Black Boy Lost & Trav Williams – The Trickle Down B-Sides & Bootlegs

by Travis on August 13, 2008

Once again, my man Kevin Nottingham beat me to the punch by releasing these exclusive albums, but I couldn’t let them go by without me mentioning them as well. I don’t usually like following someone else’s footsteps, but hey, if those footsteps lead to good music that needs the “boost” to get the name out there, I’m all for it. Especially if I’m lacking time myself. And don’t worry Kevin, I got some exclusives coming myself..hahaha (fingers crossed)

The first album is by N’Telligence, an MC out of South Carolina. My first introduction to him was by his “Monkey Shit” track, which honestly I wasn’t feeling at all. Kev sent his Black Boy Lost LP to me (and others) himself, insisting we needed to listen to it. On that encouragement alone, I figured I’d check it out regardless of my unfavorable first impression. Glad I did. The album is laced with beats by WYDU fav, MIDI Marc that gives it a soulful, yet hard edged flavor to it. Lyrically, N’Telligence is strong on the mic. In all he drops a well rounded LP that deserves any attention it can get. It’s most definitely in my top albums of the year so far.

N’Telligence – Black Boy Lost

1. The Awakening (Intro)
Produced by Bobby Sixteens

2. Good Morning South Carloina (Let’s Go)
Produced by MIDI Marc

3. Jumpoff
Produced by Nonseq of the Tin Men

4. The Rhythm
Produced by MIDI Marc

5. Xtraordinary
Produced by Clokwork

6. Let Me Run It (featuring Preach)
Produced by Clokwork

7. The Green Grass Prophecy
Produced by Clokwork

8. lovemusic.
Produced by MIDI Marc

9. Video Chick
Produced by Nonseq of the Tin Men

10. That’s How You Feel
Produced by Nonseq of the Tin Men

11. Celebration (featuring MIDI Marc)
Produced by Mike S.

12. The Flood
Produced by Clokwork

13. Monkey Shit
Produced by MIDI Marc

14. Tried To Do
Produced by Nonseq of the Tin Men

15. Black Boy Lost
Produced by MIDI Marc

16. Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll (Introducing Kevin Smith)
Produced by MIDI Marc

17. N-Bomb (Bonus Track)
Produced by Nicolay

18. Shittalkin’ (Bonus Track)
Produced by Clokwork

The second album is from someone with a cool ass name, Trav Williams. Once again, Kevin Nottingham had pumped up his Trickle Down LP that dropped earlier this year, although I had already downloaded it after someone left a link in my c-box (If you missed it, download it here.). It was Kevin once again pumping up the album that made me make sure I gave it a listen. I was pleasantly surprised. A solid album that deserves more spins than I have probably given it, it’s still a great project. So yesterday morning when I got another link for a Trav Williams project, his Trickle Down B-Sides and Bootlegs , I was eager to hear it. Once again, more solid tracks and a project worth listening to. I’m still getting my bearings on it, but Trav Williams is someone to check out for those into the whole mellow smooth shit sound (is there a technical term for it?)…

Trav Williams – The Trickle Down: Bootlegs & B-Sides

1. Zoom (prod by Keenan)
2. Keep Up (prod by AMD)
3. Relate 2 It (prod by Mozaic)
4. B Boy to D Boy (prod by Vice City)
5. The Realest ft. Pee Duble (prod by Pee Duble)
6. Victory Lap (prod by Keenan)
7. Slang Pt. 1 (prod by VereenCorp)
8. Girl Blue (prod by 20 Keys)
9. Get Myself Together (prod by Keenan)
10. After (prod by Speek Green)
11. Criticize Me (prod by Skidmatik)
12. Telephone Pole (prod by Keenan)
13. Where Were You (prod by AMD)

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