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And We're Back…..

by Travis on August 16, 2008

Finally got our technical difficulties solved. Everything should be back to normal….fingers crossed of course. I was working a post tonight, but I’m not going to get it finished up and my dumb ass has to work at seven in the morning (ain’t that some shit), so I’m going to have a couple beers and hit the sack. I thought I’d post up a totally random, meaningless album just so everyone knows that we are back on the radar. Haven’t heard back from any of my New Artist Spotlight for this week, so probably won’t get any of those up. I’ll concentrate on finishing the two posts I currently have going as well as a four interviews I need to type up. I swear this blog is more work than it’s worth sometimes, which is basically nothing right now…but oh well.

Danny D & DJ Wiz – Big Butts & Bass (1992)

01 – Shake It All Night
02 – Taste the Honey
03 – Keep Groovin’
04 – Who’s Got the Drop
05 – Your Girlfriend’s a Freak
06 – Diamond in the Back
07 – Miami Quad
08 – Feel It
09 – You’re Out of Gas
10 – Feel the Rhythm
11 – Second Chance
12 – What You Wanna Do

Going with the “bass in the trunk” theme that we started last week the west coast music, here is a wack ass bass album, which means I love it. Danny D appeared on the semi-classic DJ Laz self titled album that had the Miami classic “Mami El Negro” and “Hump All Night”. Other than that, you can’t find much about Danny D, other than he made a couple albums with DJ Wiz, this being the least popular. It’s mindless hip hop music from the early 90′s with some serious bass on a few tracks. Fans of the old Miami Bass sound should check this out as well as the hipsters into the whole Cool Kids sound, this is where they jacked the sound. I believe this was orginally posted on Bust The Facts, so props if so….or it could have been posted on WYDU by a visitor during our “Request Fridays” that we used to do.

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