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"Let's Talk About"…..Tha Connection's "Universal Dominance"

by Eric on August 24, 2008

Damn Yo!! It’s been the year of the “EP” and the “free download”, to say the least!! Whether it’s been Donwill & SuhBurb’s “Suhburban Sprawl” or…well, hell there’s nearly too many quaility joints to mention. Let’s say that we, the listeners, have been blessed with a boatload of “free sh*t” in ’08 (keep em’ comin’!). Next on the list is Tha Connection’s “Universal Dominance”, a collection of remixes and sort of a “best of” that entails their brief but promising recording careers. For those that “don’t be knowin” Tha Connection is comprised of two “freestyle ready” emcees who go by Hus Tha KingPin and SmooVth Dude who hail from Hempstead, New York. Some of you may even remember this duo from their 2007 release “Connect”, which looking back I DL’ed from HHB sometime last year (you already know the deal son!!) and for those that really dove into the whole “Rawkus 50″ phenomenon, Tha Connection appeared on 12 Bits’ digital release “Stranded On Planet Rock”.  Since then, they have released and appeared on the “Cosmic Bounce” EP by SmooVth and Drums, the Hus The KingPin appearance on “Love Song” from Fella Vaughn’s “Do My Thing” single (Melting Pot Music) and a few promo EP’s. Their hard work and consistency is just now beginning to come to fruition, most recently inking a deal with Goontrax in Japan for their first retail release that will be in stores December of this year.  To continue on, they are now preparing another release with Domination Recordings (also home to the Jazz Addixx, whaddup Ragz!!!!!!).

My first exposure to Tha Connection came in the form of “Sentido” (click to preview) via the crew’s myspace page. Let’s just say that I’m feelin’ this sh*t so much right now that if you also peep my myspace page you’ll see just how much. The buildup of this track is crazy ill thanks to slick production from AGQ and the consistent lyricism paired with fluid deliveries of Tha Connection make this cut one of my favorites of ’08. The bumrush doesn’t stop there with this 12 track album, “Hibernation” is fueled by ill production as Vans Cal laces Tha Connect with a sick filter and an elegant horn loop that SmooVth and Hus verbally murder. “Supa” (prod. by Max I Million) f. Prolifical almost possesses a more “West Coast” feel as the true art of “sh*t talkin” is mastered to pleasing results over “G-Funkish” production. Also of note, is the appropriately titled “Tunnel” a dark, grimey freestyle joint that flips the Nas mixtape cut that didn’t make “Hip Hop Is Dead” (for Christ sakes, I can’t think of the title of that track to save my life!!).

I hear (and don’t hear) alot of bullsh*t that floods my inbox nowadays, you really have to “pick and choose” what you get yourself into. Needless to say, Tha Connection’s “Universal Dominance” was a good choice as it will more than likely find itself amongst my “surprises” of 2008. Not to say that “Universal Dominance” is an instant classic…yes, there is indeed room for improvement in certain spots on the album. However, I’m anxious to see what the future holds for this talented duo from N.Y. ’cause these cats are definitely worth following! Click HERE to download “World Dominance”.

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Ross August 24, 2008 at 6:04 pm

i like what i hear so far from this album

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