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WYDU Classics Aug 08 (And Other Goodies)

by Travis on August 27, 2008

The end of the month is winding down, which means I better get this months WYDU Classics up before it does expire. After having two different ideas for this month’s theme, I ended up bagging them and going with a bunch of more or less obscure as fuck type things and remixes. Why? Because I like them, no other reason really. I had two sources that I got most of the tracks for this months WYDU Classic, my man Jsta over at Back 2 Da OG and Mad Human at Underground for Your Neck & Mind. Both spots tossed up stuff I was either looking for or never heard of before, and both came with the goods.

On a WYDU Classic note, anybody that is good at graphics and wants to give a hand in designing covers for future WYDU Classics, let me know. Might as well be a little more professional with these things. You’d get the credit of doing them, and doing me a big favor.

The collection jumps off with a familiar enough song, Mobb Deep’s “Drop A Gem On ‘Em”, my personal favorite track from the Hell On Earth LP. What’s different though, it’s a remix from the Vinyl Reanimators. It was found on a vinyl only release (hmm, wouldn’t mind running across these) from DJ Shame, Sean C, Rhythm N*gga Joe and Joe Mansfield. They were independently released and had some excellent remixes and this track can attribute to the quality of them. Another nice remix of a fairly popular song of the 90′s is next, with “Bronx N*gga (Blue Note Remix)” appearing. Remixed by DJ Moe Love, which was found the 12 inch single of the the track. I have to say I like this remix better than the original from Tim Dog. Nice shit. The somewhat unknown, but legendary New Jerez crew shows up on track three. Diezzel Don & The Govnener bring friends along as well, in the terms of Redman, Rah Digga, Pacewon, Young Zee and just about anyone who is anyone from New Jersey. I don’t know where this track is from, or how I got it, but it’s good shit. Track four features a non album track from the Cenobites. You can see Kool Keith starting to get kinda of weird here, but still sounding like the Ultramag’s version. The DOC remix of “Mind Blowin”, is as far as I remember, strictly a promo release. It’s remixed by Dre, and daaaaayum, the shit is DOPE! Another track that is probably better than the orginal, and I had NOTHING against the original. A stretch of dope west coast albums follow, as a remix of “Ballad of a Menace” by the Capital Punishment Organization (C.P.O.), Low Profile’s “Funky Song” gets the remix treatment and what is some old classic west coast without some Rodney O & Joe Cooley doing a track, their “Oldie But Goodie”, which is also got the Zapp remix going on. More west coast goodness comes in the form of in a dope Mannish track, who was part of the west coast underground movement in the late 90′s. “Jive U The Man”, is a nice track that was found on their ’95 Audio Sediative LP. A rare Madlib production is the treat found at track fifteen on the Kazi’s “Wake Up” track. I’m not the biggest Madlib fan, but this beat is bangin’ harder than a cheap Thai prostitute. A batch of fairly obscure track bring up the back, with Red Eye Rum, Dirty Face Angels, Da Germ, and Ill Knob all dropping incredibly dope tracks that you need to learn about.

WYDU Classics Aug 08

01 Mobb Deep – Drop A Gem On Em (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
02 Tim Dog – Bronx Nigga (The Blue Note Mix)
03 Diezzel Don & GovnenerMattic – Family Day feat Redman, Pacewon, Young Zee, Rah Digga
04 Cenobites – Cold Peein’ On ‘Em
05 EZD feat Noreaga and Muzalini – Worldwide
06 The D.O.C. – A Mind Blowin (Remix)
07 CPO – Ballad Of A Menace (Homicidal Theme Remix) (with MC Ren)
08 Low Profile – Funky Song (Remix)
09 Rodney O & Joe Cooley – Oldie But Goodie (Remix)
10 Criminal Nation – Niggaz From The Ghetto
11 Rappenstine – Scream
12 7A3 – Party Time (City Mix)
13 Mannish – Jive U The Man
14 Red Eye Rum – Get This (biz street mix)
15 Kazi – Wake Up
16 Dirty Face Angels – Actin Up (street mix)
17 Ill Knob – A beautiful thing (street)
18 Germ – Itz Uzelezz ft. Lin Que and Finsta Evil Dee remix

My man Krayzee over at Blowin’ Up The Spot laced up this nice little collection of tracks. A lot of harder to find west coast funk bless this one. Grab the locs, and play it at high volume. I’ve been playing this in the iPod the past couple weeks, so it’s got the WYDU endorsement. Enjoy!

Krayzee Funksta – Ghetto Funk Stylistic

01.Dr Dre & Snoop DoggDeep Cover – from “Deep Cover OST”
02.Att WillShoot’ Em Dead - from “Do it Att Will (1993)”
03.YGM GeezStreets of Compton – from “Streets of Compton Maxi Single (1993)”
04.KamThats My Nigga – from “Made in America (1995)”
05.Eightball & MJGPimp in my own rhyme – from “On top of the world (1995)”
06.T-Lowe - Ka Boom – from “Keep it real (1995)”
07.O.G. Cell E Cell feat. Natasha Walker - Whatcha gonna do for me – from “It’s on & crackin’ (1996)”
08.Madd HattaTrunk-O-Funk – from “Serious (1995)”
Bossman & Bandit
Crazy – “16 keys (1994)”
10.B.G. Knoccout & DrestaCompton swangin’ – from “Real brothers (1995)”
11.5th Ward Boyz - The Streets – from “Rated G (1995)”
12.Volume 10Pistol grip pump – from “Hip-hopera (1994)”
13.New Breed Of Hustlas - Locs dye 2 – from “Streets got me gone (1994)”
14.E-A-Ski - Blast if i have to – from “Blast if i have to (1995)”
15.Young LayAll about my fetty – from “Black n dangerous (1998)”
16.Ghetto Mafia - Organized Crime – from “Draw the line (1994)”
17.J Mello feat. 4 TayOne day – from “Since day one (1998)”
18.Chink - Anotha day – from “Capers (1995)”
19.I Smooth 7Coolin’ in the ghetto – from “Ghetto life (1995)”
20.O.G. Cell E Cell - Sucka free – from “Sucka free maxi single (1994)”
21.Champ MC - Keep shit on the real – from “Ghetto flava (1995)”
22.J-SlyClap 2 this – from “Clap 2 this maxi single (1996)”
23.Big U & The Madhouse CrewRaw deal – from “Raw deal (1996)”
24.K-Daddy & Smoov MCLet it ride - from “Let it ride EP (1994)”
25.MC Ren feat. Eightball & MJGWho in the fuck – from “Ruthless for life (1998)”
26.VontelLoungin’ – from “Tru II Life (1995)
27.JuiceEast Side – from “Rez E-Rekt’ed 2 Rein (Resurrected 2 Rein) (1995)”

Last but not least a mix of new stuff. So if you lacking on checking some artists, this mix has a nice little collection of stuff I’ve been feeling as far as new releases go. Give it a listen.

Nueve Hip Hop Vol 14

01 Freddie Joachim- Sauced
02 Buff1- There’s Only One
03 Nas- What It Is
04 DJ Revolution Feat. KRS-One- The DJ
05 Elzhi Feat. Ayah- The Leak
06 GZA- 7 Pounds
07 DJ KO Feat. Torae, John Robinson, Talib Kweli & Tiffany Paige- Someday
08 Large Pro Feat. Killa Sha & Guardian- Maica Living
09 Jozeemo & Kaze- Where Yall At
10 NYGZ Feat. Nick Javas & Black Poet- Legendary Pt. 2
11 King Syze Feat. Vinnie Paz & Apathy- And Now
12 The Loyalists- Loyal Theory
13 Blu- High Music
14 Kay- I’m On A Run
15 Rhymefest- Bring It Back
16 S1 Feat. Skyzoo, Supastition & Dow Jones- Upper Echelon
17 Dumhi Feat. Kay- Go Left
18 Supastition- Wrong
19 Rashid Hadee- Get Mine
20 Murs & 9th Wonder- Free
21 S1 Feat. Inspectah Deck & Blu- Supafly

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