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ill poetic preps: "Nine Inch Naliens" (NIN meets Outkast) as a "free download" for Sept. 9th

by Eric on August 29, 2008

On Tuesday, Sept. 9th, ill poetic will follow up the successful Joe Budden/Portishead “mash-up”, “MM3rd” with his next installment: “ill poetic presents NIN (Nine Inch Nails) meets Outkast: Nine Inch Naliens”. Another “Free Download” it will be available Sept. 9th at ill po’s MySpace

From ill poetic: “I released a free download remix record, meshing the sounds of Portishead’s newest album “Third” with Joe Budden’s “Mood Muzik 3”. A few days ago, Joe Budden was asked about this tape in an interview, and gave his two thumbs up. With that ‘cosign’ if you will, I wanted to give a quick follow-up download of all the instrumentals to this download (link below), as well as a bonus, unreleased remix. Below is a quick reminder of what the press had to say about the Budden/Portishead record, as well as a peak into the next record in this series to be released Sept. 9th.”

Download Budden meets Portishead “MM3rd” Here, and the instrumentals Here.”…mixed and layered beautifully by Ill Poetic… this daring and innovative mixtape is yet another example of how Joey Jumpoff is putting the heat on the Rap game whether you know it or not”.

HipHopDX :( still in the hhdx top 10 mixtape section) “ill poetic puts together a great mash up of Joe Budden’s ‘MM3′ and Portishead’s latest ‘Third’

Rolling Stone: “At long last, someone saw fit to fill the iPod of the ghoul in Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. It’s like, he’s scary, but he needs to work out, too. This mash-up of Joe Budden and the new Portishead record should be just the thing.”

2dopeboyz: “I was first put on to Ill Poetic, the emcee/producer out of Cinci ,OH when I read a review over at my man Vizion’s site last year. Thinking of a master plan, IP just dropped this mash up of Joe Budden’s “Mood Muzik 3″ and Portishead’s latest album, “Third” (as well as some previous material). It’s more than a mash up though as this dude chops and layers Budden’s vocals over Portishead’s music in such a way that it really fits the ‘mood’ I felt Joey was trying to portray.”

Tha HipHop: “They might exchange notes/ideas on expressing their moods in novel ways thru their music. Though there’s no report of such actual encounter (thus far), the two acts have been brought together thru the magic of blend by Cincy’s Ill Poetic. The Ohio emcee/producer — do yourself a favor and check his album, “The World Is Ours” — took bits and pieces from Portishead’s catalog (mostlyf rom their latest, “Third”) and added Joe Budden’s verses from his “Mood Muzik 3″ to create ‘the kind of dark, atmospheric LP that your cousin drinks bourbon in a bathtub to with the lights dimmed.’ It’s called “Mood Muzik’s Third” and it’s eerily dope.

*other mentions/reviews of the project have made it to the Washington Post’s Website, New York Daily site, as well as AOL’s Entertainment section.

…..AND most importantly, peep W.T.R.’s take on “MM3rd” HERE

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