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Re-Ups: The Lost & Found Collections

by Travis on September 2, 2008

Hope everyone had a safe holiday (for those of you in the States and the three day weekend). As you can see, I didn’t do much with the blog over the weekend. Went out one night, drank too much, play lots of Madden, went to a couple BBQ’s, watched some college football and had a fantasy draft (two, but didn’t make on of them), and listened to a bunch of old hip hop, but not much in the terms of this blog. Yeah, lazy, what can I say. Anyway, I’ll try to get some things caught up over the week, but for now, it’s the re-ups to pass the time. No “This or That” this week.

These are a collection of songs I got off of Cocaine Blunts back in it’s popularity height. I’m not sure if they are official, which I highly doubt, or if they were just ebay compilations or something. I can’t find anything on them on this world wide Al Gore internet. I’m guessing they came to fruitation before the rise of the blogs because some of this stuff isn’t very rare in the internet sense of the word. None the less, I’ll chuck these up and spare those ADD people my ramblings. I’m missing VOL 4, so if any of my old Cocaine Blunts cronies that hang around here have it, hit me up with it. Hope everyone has a good weekend….(Sorry some files are in WMA files, didn’t convert them and thanks to Word To Your Mother for originally posting these back on CB) — (Update) The orginators of these complilations hit up the original post for these, so kinda official, but still a good thing to have

Anonymous said…

I can´t believe it. I found this blog by coincidence and you posted those Lost & Found CD´s I made these years ago. Of the Lost & Found CD´s were only made 10 copies of each of the 6 volumes. Do you have the “original” CD´s with the covers ? Even I do not have these anymore. Later the CD´s were renamed “Bringin It Back”. I made 20 volumes and 25 CD´s of each volume. As you assumed these CD´s were made before the Blogs came up.

Lost & Found Vol 1

1. Feel No Guilt – Demastas feat Nine
2. Boogie Down’s Got Flavor – Foundation & Rezidue
3. Dig On That – Ground Floor Feat Lord Finesse
4. When It Rains, It Pours – Shadez Of Brooklyn
5. Check Da Style – L-Swift
6. Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn – Maestro Fresh Wes
7. Listen Up – E Rule
8. Brooklyn Movements – Da Bush Babees
9. Forever – Mop Top Feat Nine
10. How Nice I Am – World Renown
11. Green Shoe Laces – People Without Shoes
12. So-Low-ist – Sham & The Professor
13. No Diggedy – Science Of Sound
14. LI Groove – Hard To Obtain
15. Don’t Stress Tomorrow – Finsta Bundy
16. Time To Shine – Brain Sick Enterprize
17. Check Tha Flava – AK Skills
18. The Session – Blackface feat Fat Joe
19. Ain’t No Secret – Lace Da Booms

Lost & Found Vol 2
1. Cut That Weak Shit – Lace Da Booms feat Royal Flsuh
2. Spread It Remix – Kamakazee
3. Bulls Eye – J-Force
4. Nowhere Near Simple – Percee P
5. Era of The Sourface – Sourface
6. The Hoodz – The Hoodz
7. Mic Slaughter – 25 is Life
8. Hello It’s Me – Spark 950 & Timbo King
9. Now Born Soliders – Now Born Click
10. Forreal – Ruggedness Maddrama
11. Bring It On Remix – Organized Confusion
12. The Rhythm – Bas Blasta
13. Rough Rugged & Raw – Double X Posse
14. Pop The Trunk – Real Live
15. Created A Monster – Big Red ft Diamond
16. Return To It – EZD feat OC
17. Don’t Get It Twisted – Foundation & Rezidue
18. Snake Bite – Grav
19. Show & Prove – Pitch Black
20. Live The Life – Natural Elements

Lost & Found Vol 3

1. Lyrical Tactics – Mister Voodoo
2. Hardcore Hip Hop – Rawcotiks
3. Bust Mine – Natural Elements
4. I Got Your Back – Nightbreed
5. Sunnyside – Finsta Bundy
6. Vinyl Athletes – Muro feat Lord Finesse & AG
7. Searching 4 Meaning – Laster
8. Stick To The Plan – Brainsick
9. Lock Shit Down – Dark Skinned Assassin
10. Prepare for Mortal Kombat – Shaolin Style
11. Harlem USA – Children Of The Corn
12. Don’t Trust Anyone – Street Smartz
13. A Madman’s Dream – East Flatbush Project
14. For All Thoze – J-Force
15. Da Bomb Baby – Godfather Don
16. Killers On Wax – Mikey D
17. Not Enuff Time – Hillfiguz
18. Ruthless Bastards – Ruthless Bastards
19. Trust Me Remix – Mecca II Medina

Lost & Found Vol 5

1. Magic Chef – Rawcotiks
2. Tri-Boro – Natural Elements
3. Against The Grain – Sauce Money
4.World Premier – Rob-O
5. Tight Team – Shamus
6. Don’t Really Wanna Stop – G-Dep
7. Word Is Bond – House of Pain feat Diamond
8. Up On Prospect – Hilfiguz
9. Camu – MHz
10. We Live This – Mobb Deep feat Big Noyd & Roxanne Shante
11. Who Got The Funk – Science of Sound feat Phife
12. People Call Me Milk – Young Zee feat Krs & Busta
13. What Goes Up Remix – Mack Da Maniak feat Lost Boyz & Chubb Rock
14. Da Chronic Asthmatics – Raazda Ruckuz
15. Slappin Sucka Silly remix – Yaggfu Front feat Diamond
16. Respect Costs More Than Money – Shazam X feat Percee P
17. Bomb MC – Colored Section
18. Enjoy Yourself – Broadway
19. Just A Little Flava – II Unorthodox
20. Kool’n – Deadly

Lost & Found Vol 6

1. I Am The Authentic – PHD
2. Another Homicide Scene – Half A Mil
3. Blowin Up Spots – Rhyme Recka
4. The God Brothers – Kooch
5. Get Wit It – Childern Of The Corn
6. IBC – Channel Live
7. I’m The One – Eva Flo
8. Wild Wild West – Deadly Snakes
9. Right Place For Action – Black Marvel
10. Come Widdit – Ahmad, Ras Kass & Saafir
11. Placebo – Mr. Live feat Tony Bones
12. Only The Strong Survive – DJ Krush feat CL Smooth
13. Rollin’ Remix – Saukrates feat Masta Ace & OC
14. Usual Suspects – Big Noyd
15. Games We Play – Chubb Rock
16. Dr. Feelgood – Kid Capri feat Nice & Smooth, Nine, MOP, & Ill & Al Skratch
17. One In The Chamba Remix – Almighty RSO feat Cocoa Brovaz & MOP
18. 4 My Peeps Remix – Red Hot Lover Tone feat Organized Konfusion, BIG & MOP
19. Think Big – Pudgee feat Lord Tariq & BIG

I won’t even pretend like I know who every artist is, because I don’t, although I think I’ve heard of most of them. There is some good stuff on these, so check them out if for nothing else to hear something new.

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