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by DJSoulClap on September 2, 2008

I got some news for you. First I wanna give you some news about the next Superstar Quamallah album. I just got it from his blog:
“peace everybody,

for the past year now i’ve been working on and collecting songs toward an album titled “invisible man”. i’ve never considered rhymin over other people’s tracks until recently when i hooked up with some cool cats and great producers who feel the same about the music as i do.

the album is titled after the classic novel, “invisible man” by ralph ellison. the book is a must read and really captures the complex space black men inherit, living in a society that fears them and fantacizes about them at the same time, while within both rhelms we are “invisible” in many regards. i can recall countless times standing in line at the store and a non-black person has come and casually stepped in front of me. their reply has always been a simple “excuse me” or “oh i didn’t know you were in line”. funny, especially with my 6 foot 4, 200 plus pound frame standing with shit in my hands is pretty hard not to notice.

the album symbolizes this theme through my personal views about black culture in the united states and specifically hiphop music. what i know to be the foundations of hiphop music is usually overlooked or dismissed as what is “popular” often times contradicts what the music “used” to symbolize. artists sticking to the traditional sounds, formulas, and messages are often times “invisible”.

my favorite time period for hiphop music was definitely between 1983 and 1994 with 1988 and 1993 being two years that standout as extremely impressive years musically and culturally. the fashion, slang, movies, t.v. shows, and vibe during those years was incredible. while totally submerged in the feelings and music of that entire time period, i went to work on “invisible man” and i am excited for people to hear the result! it is an album that i would want to hear from some of my favorite artists of the past and present today. this is not a RETRO trip for me; this is me at my best lyrically and spiritually using the accessories of the 80′s and 90′s to fuel me. i am a ’88 soul as the song states!

thank you to all the producers who have contributed to this project: clever jeff, izznyce, dj soulclap, dj diaze, pawel g and myself. all underground cats still hungry and passionate about hiphop music. plus they gave me that classic 80′s/90′s sound i love to listen to!!!

the album should drop anytime between now and next summer ’09. stay tuned and get ready!

one love,

superstar quamallah”

From what I’ve heard so far it will be bangin, perfect for what the readers of this blog like. It has a huge golden age feel to it.

Next up: I did a little EP with one of my best friends Esperado. (

“Here it is, the collection of tracks that Esperado and DJ SoulClap recorded during the last months with some top notch guests. The Snapshot EP got its name from the process of recording. We met in Esperado’s studio, picked a beat, picked a beer and started writing. Afterwards we directly recorded what we’ve just written. Even Mr. SoulClap discovered his love for rhyming after a few beers and after being on his first ever track (Nachts im Club, Track 5) So the tracks on the EP are the first joints he ever recorded. The Instrumentals come from eMC, Jazzy Jeff, Keith Murray, Method Man & Redman und Masta Ace.

The guests on this entertaining piece of music are Tony Tigerstyle, Souleez, Albino, Funky Matt, MadCap and of course Martys, who all share the same love fro the music and culture. That’s the reason why we ended up in the studio together.”

1. The Jump Off feat. Tony Tigerstyle, Souleez & Funky Matt
2. Was ist schön? feat. Albino & MadCap
3. Hallo!
4. Want Sum Git Some feat. Martys
5. Nachts im Club feat. Martys
6. Damals

Most if it is in German, some in English, but I think you will enjoy it anyway, if not you can delete it afterwards.

Download it here for free!


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