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The Are – Looking Up (The AREchives) Mixtape

by Travis on September 4, 2008

I know a lot of cats were diggin’ their “Dem Damb Jacksons” release from last year, so here is a another joint from the crew. Haven’t had the luxury of listening to it yet, but I’m fairly sure it’ll be quality.


Looking Up (The AREchives) Mixtape

2. Oh Baby
3. Hard to Believe
4. Just A Dream featuring Kay
5. 5ive
6. Stuff
7. Gotta Have
8. 8ight
9. Drums
10. Move Along
11. Please Tell Me
12. Metal
13. Interloood
14. Quarrel with You
15. Anyday
16. I Lost Control
17. Interlooood
18. wontnoonecomeafter with Baba Zumbi
19. Things You Do
20. Criminal
21. Money For God Sake
22. Shush
23. Somebody Loves You
24. You
25. I’ve Walked Alone
26. Break Your Neck
27. Your Welcome
28. Find Forever
29. Body Music featuring Headkrack
30. Can’t Afford to Waste Time
31. One More Time
32. Don’t Wanna Know
33. High
34. Stays With Me
35. Soul Survivor
36. 3hirty 6ix
37. Just How I Feel
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