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Blame One

by Travis on September 5, 2008

I have some ties to San Diego, California. It’s a GREAT city, with just about anything, and everything you could want to do, along with just beautiful scenery (and the physical land scenery isn’t too shabby either). One thing I never really fully understood was why San Diego didn’t have a lot of visible MC’s coming out of the area. Sure, there is Deep Rooted, Jayo Felony & Tony Da Skitzo from back in the day, and another group that is completely slipping my mind (anyone?). That was until I ran across this Blame One mixtape. Every now and then, myspace directs me to something amazing, and this mixtape is one of those amazing things. I admit, if I see someone offering a free download, I’ll check out the artist and it seems like it might be something that fits within my tastes, I’ll check it out.

I didn’t know much about Blame One before seeing the free download being offered, but being from San Diego THEN the fact that he has one of my current favorite producers in Exile doing beats for him, I had to check it out. I’m glad I did. This shit is right up my alley of hip hop music lately, and I STRONGLY suggest checking this out. You know what to expect from Exile. He is responisble for 11 out of the 18 songs on there. If you have a history of having the same tastes as me, then this is a must for sure. Working with Exile beats, dude just flows effortlessly on the mic over them. The chemistry is definitely there. A lot of the topics are your typical battle rap, but reading some interviews, he seems to be deeper than just that, dropping the social commentary. As a typical hater of 95% of the mixtapes out there, I must say this is one of the better projects, album or mixtapes I’ve heard this year. Blame claims these are throw away songs from his up coming Days Chasing Days album that is dropping in January of ’09. If these are the throw aways, then cotdayum, I can’t wait to hear the final project. Check it out!

From Blame One:

Peace Yall,
To keep the anticipation of my upcoming album rolling, I have put together 18 songs for FREE download (all of which will not be on days chasing days) The songs feature Exile, Aloe Blacc, DJ Day, Mike Castillo, Johaz, Amiri, Adikt 1 & DJ Bizkid. Its
112MB zip file so it will take a sec to download but hopefully you will dig it. Feel free to pass it on to everyone and thier mother.

Blessings. Blame One
Hit me up on the myspace .word.

and remember… JAN 09 Days Chasing Days.. Feat. Exile, Kan Kick, Rath
Khy, Sean Price, Blu, Grocka, Coss, Black Milk, ALoe Blacc, Johaz, Sha
dula, Black Sparx & More.

Heres the Mixtape tracklist

1. Mixtape intro. cuts by bizkid
2. Hella Confused prod Adikt one
3. Cali Dreamin Prod. Amiri
4. Ghost Stories Prod Exile
5. Set up. feat Aloe Blacc prod DJ Day
6. Take no Shorts prod. Exile
7. Master the rhyme prod. Mike Castillo
8. Mic Math prod. Exile
9. Change Begin prod. Exile
10. Life Prod. Exile
11. Saloon Tune Prod. Exile
12. Young man feat. Johaz(deep rooted) prod by exile
13. All on the line prod. Exile
14. North County Prod. Exile cut by Blame
15. Once Upon a time prod. Exile
16. Song for Anthony prod. Exile
17. City Slickers feat. Exile prod. Exile
18. Outro feat. symphony and Anthony

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