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MC Disagree: The Rapper & The Producer

by Staff on September 5, 2008

As time goes on i find more and more things to be disgruntled about in hip hop. I know there are some that are completely comfortable with where it is now.

That is ok.

What’s not ok is when those people, or anyone else decides that we’re complaining too much. That somehow hip hop’s tastes have risen above being accounted for and are rhetorical at best. Those people that buck our distaste for where the art has gone don’t understand. We only complain because we care. Why AREN’T you complaining? Why DON’T you want change or balance?

Anyway I’ve grown beyond the feeling that I need to be nice about it anymore. Here’s what I disagree with:

Indie hip hop: what’s going on with indie hip hop? Is indie rap beyond it’s prime?

There was a good stretch (maybe 1998 to ’03) where it was on fire. The flames have somehow been replaced with stagnant, generic personalities and lyrics. All the rappers mostly sound the same (bland voices, rhymes, rhyme schemes and topics).

The producers…oh boy the producers. When did all you guys start shirking your originality and adopting that weird mash-up of personalities?

Oh. You don’t know what i’m talking about? Ever since 9th wonder came out man…you guys took 9th, Pete Rock (omg you’re RAPING Pete) and Dilla and threw ‘em in a pot with a dash of Nottz and voila! instant classic(?)

C’mon…9th’s soul samples, Dilla Dawg’s anti-quantizing and programming, and Pete’s basslines you f*cking…schmucks.

You indie dudes are getting away with murder here…but it won’t last. You’re no different from all the top 40 bullshit you hate so much.

Speaking of indie hip hop, what’s up with all these corny rappers being championed as rap saviors? You guys can’t tell me you don’t notice the way super-regular rappers become indie rap darlings and divas…did i.q.s drop with the quality of the music?

iownno. what do you guys think?

Lo Custamato~

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