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REE EP from TONE TANK the King of Surf Guitar Rap!

by Travis on September 9, 2008

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www. scumlife. com/kingofsurf. zip to get your hands on it.


Soon after the release of Tone Tank’s last project ‘The Black Six Sessions,’ the rapper started showing signs of mental fatigue and became increasingly reclusive. The guys from Nuclear Family began to worry about him and suggested he get out of New York for a bit to unwind. A source close to Mr. Tank told me they booked him a room at what turned out to be an all-but abandoned motel somewhere in the American Southwest. From here the details of the story get a bit fuzzy.

“From what I can make out in Tone’s crazy, disjointed voicemails, it turns out that the owner of this motel had been a surf guitar legend in the 60′s,” says Nuclear Family rep. Baje One. “He told me there were piles and piles of old Surf Guitar records, some dusty but functional recording equipment, and a closet full of old Hawaiian shirts. Tone seemed really excited about getting some well-needed peace and quiet. He called us every day for the first two weeks and then all of a sudden he stopped calling.

“We didn’t think anything of it,” says Krayo, Tone’s rap partner in Iller Than Theirs. “We just figured he needed a break.” Several days before receiving a package containing ‘The King of Surf Guitar Rap’, Krayo got a phone call from Tone. “He was calling from a roadside phone booth, speaking frantically, going on and on about hallucinogenic fevers, people following him, crazy stuff. He said there was a tape coming in the mail and that all the details were in there.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the tape, digitized and converted to MP3. See what you can make of it.

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