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Mekka Don – Death Is Life Video: A Tribute To Bearnie Mac & Isaac Hayes (Prod by GooseBumps)

by Travis on September 10, 2008


So this video right here has some emotional ties for me. First off, if you have checked this blog very much, you will recognize my man Mekka Don from a previous New Artist Spotlight from back in May, or maybe you saw him in a recent issue of XXL. Mekka recently recorded a heartwarming (is that possible in hip hop?) dedication to two recently departed stars. The touching tribute to both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes is a nothing short of great as Mekka gets the listener thinking about those lost and even my own immortality. He followed the track with a excellent video as well.

While I am a big fan of both Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac (I dropped condolences for both on the days of their deaths), the emotional tie to the album comes in a different form. The beat is produced by newcomer GooseBumps. Yes, he is an unknown at the moment. No, you probably haven’t heard about him. The beat adds that mood to Mekka’s track and really fits the vision he had when he created the song. The light keys provide a fluttering like feeling as Mekka rides over the beat to create a light, yet somber feeling.

GooseBumps is one of my personal best friends for the past fifteen years. Chances are, if I’ve told a story about hip hop from the mid 90′s on this blog, my boy “D” was there with me and/or was apart of the story. So I’m like a proud “brother”, it excites me to see my boy get his shine. It was also my “crates” that provided the sample for the beat…hahaha. As well, it was my first (succesful) act as “pseudo manager”, as it was me that brought Mekka and Goose together. I’m not sure if managing is something in my future, but for the time, I’ll do whatever I can to get my man heard. So, check out the video, POST IT ANYWHERE, pass it around, drop comments, because this is probably one of the more personal posts I’ve done. Good to see my man up on it!

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