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Let's Flow Contest – The Winner

by DJSoulClap on September 12, 2008

It’s over! The public voting is done and the judges picked their winner. It is pretty clear who won. He dominated the public voting and with one exception all judges picked him.

Congratulations Citizen Xavier! (

To be honest the public voting went pretty much like I expected it, with the exception that I had Catchall on my list as number 2, he did a really good job! Vice did a great job too, he brought some dope lyrics with his Endglish accent, that I really liked. I was feeling his version too. Tokyo Cigar surprised me, since I didn’t know he was rapping too, I just knew him from the remix contest where he made some hot remixes. He had a cool flow, some good lyrics and a nice voice, he was just a little off sometimes. The other 2 entries by Stash and Acid Dust didn’t really move me lyrically and flow wise although Acid had a cool hook.
But I wanna thank everybody for participating, I really appreciate all of you.

Judge number 2, my homeboy Matt ( wrote:

“After listening to all songs a couple of times my choice was clear. My winner is Citizen Xavier, who, in my opinion, goes best with SoulClap, his music and what he wants to represent with it. Compared to the other participants of the contest his lyrics, his flow and its accord with the beat were the most convincing to me. His lyrical similes were fresh and the whole lyrics were convincing. Those are the factors which made me feel his version the most. Unfortunately it was the only one which could convince me concerning these factors.
Some gave respect to other elements of HipHop Culture what I appreciate to the fullest as an advocate of HipHop Culture. But the other versions of the song did not have this harmony as a whole. Too much talking during the song, uncreative hooks and lyrics etc. did not make it hard for me to make my choice, so congratulations to my winner Citizen Xavier.
In Peace, Love & Unity, Matt“

Judge number 3, my girl wrote:

I pick Catchall! He is my favourite, I really liked his flow and lyrics. Seems to be a cool guy who knows what he does.

Travis from WYDU picked Citizen Xavier too.

Kevin Nottingham from This is Hip Hop said that his favourites were Citizen Xavier and Catchall.

The results of the public voting are:

1. Citizen Xavier, 54%, 53 votes
2. Vice, 21%, 21 votes
3. Tokyo Cigar, 11%, 11 votes
4. Stash, 7%, 7 votes
5. Catchall, 6%, 6 votes
6. Acid Dust, 1%, 1 vote

So Citizen Xavier will be featured on both blogs and my myspace site in the near future. His version of “Rock the Show” will be featured on my Producer album which will be called “Purity”. I’m done with pretty much all the beats and you will get some info about it very soon. The first Track called B-Boy is already up on my page:

One Love,

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