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Toyko Cigar – Kill The Violator

by Travis on September 12, 2008

1. Intro
2. It Ain’t Complex In My Eyes
3. Ritual Perfection
4. Personal Radio
5. Halo In Reverse
6. Violent Night
7. Hide Secret With Silence
8. The Rap Policy
9. Blue Metal
10. Clean Soul

Back when my best friend and I were roommates in 96-98, we soaked up each others musical preferences. I was the hardcore hip hop head, obviously, and when I moved into the apartment with him, he didn’t realize that I had hip hop CD’s that only the select few hip hop junkies knew about. While he did like some hip hop, it wasn’t his main thing. He was into stuff like Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and some Euro New Wave 80′s shit that I still don’t like (Erasure anyone?), but Depeche Mode was his favorite group. Depeche Mode just irritated the shit out of me before I met him. There were many an afternoon, I’d be a sleep on couch, either after classes, or before a bartending shift that he’d come home and crank up the Depeche Mode. I would simply glare at him or just shove a pillow over my head. Over the time and our friendship, I’ve grown to like Depeche Mode and even own a few of their CD’s. Arguably, their best album is Violator. I’ve often wondred, like I usually do if I’m not listening to hip hop, how a certain song would sound sampled from the LP. Well, I don’t have to wonder no longer. Tokyo Cigar, a talented producer, who conjured up one of my top 10 American Gangster remixes, shows us exactly what the Violator LP would sound like if it was sampled. I’ll be honest, some of these joints work wonderfully, and others, ehhhh, probably not my type of thing, but I admire the courage to tackle such a project. It’s definitely an interesting project, that people with open minds should check out….

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