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New Artist Spotlight: Halo

by Travis on September 17, 2008

I’m quick to jump on any bandwagon coming out of North Carolina. Since first hearing Little Brother back in 2002, I’ve paid close attention to members and associates of the Justus League. Backed with quality soul production with an MC that is more than your average rhyme spitter, the music has always hooked me and in the past few years, it has almost created its own movement. So when I did an interview with my new favorite group out of NC, Kooley High and asked them what MC’s should we be on the look out for coming out of North Calack, and they all said “Halo”, best believe I was paying attention.

I’ll admit, I’m big on beats, so it takes a special MC to grab my attention and concentrate on what he is actually spitting in my first few listens. Usually, I don’t start paying attention to the rhymes until I have a good comperhension on the musical backdrop. Halo killed that noise for me right quick. He encompasses all the qualities that make you stop the tape (for you old school heads) and say to yourself “What the fuck he just say?Halo is keeping up with NC tradition and dropping quality joints with Kooley High and best believe he is going to deliver the goods on an upcoming album in the near future. Until then, you can catch him on WYDU, dropping the knowledge on the NC scene, Kooley High, his own music and Obama mania!

Halo - 2Step

Halo - Eye of the Storm

Halo & Kooley High – Burnin’

And if you are out in NC this weekend….Hit up this show!!!!!!

Phokis Ent. & Inflowential present…
LITTLE BROTHER w/ special guests:
-Kooley high

Hosted by Cesar Comanche
DJ ill digitz on the 1′s & 2′s

Doors open at: 8:30pm
Show starts at: 9:30pm

Sat. Sept. 20th @ Amos’ Southend
1423 South Tryon
Charlotte, NC 28203
Ticket: $15

WYDU: What’s good Halo, or is it Mr. Ben Ready now? Is there a difference between the two?

Halo: Na, haha, It’s no difference between the two… Mr Ben Ready was the name of my first solo mixtape. It sounded so fly when I made it up I thought to myself “rock with both names so when the video game makers of Halo come to sue me I can just switch it up real quick”! Thats my goal, to get so big dudes will wanna sue me. Btw, its Halo pronounced “hallow”.

W: Alright man, you are part of that ever increasing and definitely dope North Carolina aka North Cakalac sound that is starting to really make a name for itself, how would you describe the vibe and the sound coming out of the region the past four or five years?

Halo: The vibe and the sound coming out of NC is definitely something special! Word on the street (and around the world) is that NC is the new mecca for hip hop! What the Justus League has brought to this game is priceless. Me and the rest of the fam (Inflowential & Kooley High) are just trying to build on that to take the vibe to the next level (whatever that may be). What I love is the fact that I was born and raised in the 914 up in NY. So I bring that NY flow on top of that soulful NC production, it gets no better than that. Ask one of my fans, they tell no lies.

W: As you mentioned, you are closely tied into one of my personal favorite groups of this year, Kooley High, how did you get to be associated with them?

Halo: A few years back me and Adid (of Inflowential) became really good friends working at a car dealership together. One day we started talking about music, and how we both get it in. He brought me into the circle and the rest is history.

W: When I interviewed them, I asked them who I should be on the look out for coming out of NC, pretty much all of them said you, (and if the ones who didn’t, I’m sure they were thinking it…haha) What do you have that makes you stand out from the ordinary average MC, why should people be checkin’ out any upcoming Halo joints?

Halo: People should be checking for me because #1 WYDU says so! #2 I have that flow that makes listeners go “what the fruck did he just say?!?” Alotta dudes claim to be punchline rappers, but the meanings behind some of my lines are so deep and so layered that it goes beyond your average “hot line”. Listen for yaself, I tell no lies.

W: How did you get your start on the MC wagon? Who were some of your early influences?
Halo: Man… I started spitting right around 2000. I remember listening to the cyphers in the lunchroom at my college and loved how the people would go wild when a dude would start killing it. I would go home and write rhymes just to have something to spit in the cypher. I’ve ben writting ever since. At the time I was a big fan of Jadakiss… the whole Lox really. Big L, he did it for me! I used to hit rewind until the damn button broke. RIP Big L, he taught me how to be real slick with my wordplay.

W: Can we expect a solo masterpiece from you in the future? Any details you care to diluge into?

Halo: Yeah, the solo is on the way. Working on that as we speak. My producers Ka$h, Sinopsis, and Foolery got some heat for me to spazz on. They make it easy for me, I can’t even lie. I’ma keep spoon feeding yall until its time to take the bib off and give em a big boy meal.

W: What’s your take on the current state of hip hop? The good and the bad?

Halo: Hip Hop is just fine! There is enough dope music to ignore all the other bullshit that’s out there. Hey, how do you know what a dope song sounds like unless you have some garbage to compare it to? Hip hop needs that balance of baffonery and realness to attract everyone to the culture as a whole.

W: What other projects are you working on? What should the listeners be on the look out from the whole NC camp?

Halo: Be on the lookout for that Inflowential album, that Kooley High album… and after those drop me and Charlie Smarts got something special for the world. That’s all I’m gonna say.

W: I’ve been on a political tip lately, and I’ve noticed that you’ve been an Obama supporter on myspace. How do you see the upcoming election? Why is it important to get out there and vote for Obama, especially the younger voters?

Halo: Yeah, Obama is the wave and the beautiful thing is that his movement is beyond the United States. People all around the world are screaming “Obama, Obama!” Waiving American flags instead of burning em. I’ve never seen anything like it, I’m just happy to be alive to witness this. His swagger is like the essence of hip hop, bringing all cultures together as one.

W: Any last words for the naysayers out there?

Halo: Naysayers? That’s what horses do right? Shout to all the people hearing about me for the first time! is where you go to meet your favorite new rapper. Last time I spoke to 9th Wonder he was like “Nigga, you know you need to do this fa real right? You NEED to be a rapper!” So next time you hear me tearing a beat up blame it on that man! M.E.C.C.A. is the movement!

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