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WYDU Exclusive: Batsauce of the Smile Rays – The Gypsy Diaries

by Travis on September 18, 2008

Good day boys & girls, hopefully everyone is having a great day. We have another WYDU Exclusive, meaning you won’t find this on any other blogs or any other sites (yet). My man Batsauce of the Smile Rays, is hooking us up with a treasure trove of instrumental beats. Readers of WYDU should be familiar with Bat and the Smile Rays, we’ve been a long time fans of the trio and even went so far as having a Smile Rays week back in May. I would have to say, I rank Bat in my top five favorite producers currently in the game right now, dude is one talented mofo behind the boards.

Bat brings the heat this time around in the form of The Gypsy Diaries, a unique collection of instrumental tracks. What’s so “unique” about the The Gypsy Diaries? Well, Bat made them using music from different continents, South America, Asia, and Africa. All the sample sources embrace world music. It’s something original indeed. I’ve been jamming these tracks for the better part of the summer, and it’s some groovin’ music to be sure!

It’s not a traditional link, but trust me, it’s easy. Click the website and just roll over the countries and download those bad boys. If the site does go down (it has in the past) just hit me up and I’ll add some links to this post, but I don’t foresee any problems. Don’t be afraid to hit up Brother Bat and let him know what you think of his concoction.

Batsauce – The Gypsy Diaries

South America
1. Go!
2. Mira
3. Cat & Mouse
4. Stinkin Badges
5. The Boss of Nova
6. Selection
7. More Rum
8. Myth Invention

9. Train Wreck
10. Pandit Vs. Bandit
11. Bollywood Blues
12. Border Disputes
13. Kurdish Blues
14. Guests of Honor
15. Pidgeon Race

16. Serengeti Disco
17. Negotiations
18. Language Lessons
19. Harvest
20. Spice Trade
21. Ritual

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dina September 7, 2010 at 8:43 am


Rip November 2, 2010 at 8:49 am

Is the site down? Definitely trying to download this. Thanks.

Travis November 3, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Rip, I think he did take it down…no fear though, try this link, it should still be good

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