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Nubian Crackers Part One

by Travis on September 22, 2008

After a failed attempt at finishing this week’s “This Or That”, I gave up for now. It should be up later tomorrow night.

So to hold you all off, we are going to jump back to what the Daughter was originally intended for, and that’s the old school stuff. Nubain Crackers is a production duo out of New York that consisted of Prince Quick Mix and The Undercover Brother. That had some bangin’ instrumental series in the form of Cracker Beats. These have appeared in places like Strictly Beats and Mass Corporation (what up Mass!) previously, but in case some of you cats were sleeping, take some No Doz and wake up!

Cracker Beats Vol. 1

A1 So I Can Get Some
A2 Foreplay
A3 Funky Pebbles
A4 Back Door Beat
A5 Gotta Groove
B1 Chronic Indo
B2 Nubian Sunday
B3 Walk With Me
B4 Shades Of Brown
B5 Gumba Gumba

Cracker Beats Vol 3

A1 S.O.B.
A2 Jungle Fever
A3 Crackzilla
A4 Catch My Nuts (In Your Mouth Mix)
A5 The Funky Punani Break
B1 Cracker Theme
B2 Pocket Pool
B3 Untitled Funk Beats
B4 Thest These Nuts (In Your Chin Mix)
B5 Nubian Scratch

Cracker Beats Vol 4

A1 Give Da Drum Some
A2 Flash One Time
A3 Mister Ed Groove
A4 Ain’t No Crackers In Harlem
A5 The Funky Punani Break (Part Two)
B1 Raw Ham
B2 Sho Nuff Phat Shiet
B3 Chitlins & Crackers
B4 From The ……
B5 Drives

Cracker Beats Vol 5

A1 Get Up Nasty
A2 Bitches Brew
A3 Kid Dynamite
A4 Breaking Point
A5 Raw Hamburger
B1 Here Comes Da Fuzz
B2 Da Funky Man
B3 Billy Joe
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