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New Artist Spotlight: Notion

by Travis on September 26, 2008

Once again, the Movement Fam invades WYDU. You might remember Cee&Bekah, the Aussies from the land down under were featured a couple weeks ago on here. Today we have Cee-Four’s little brother, Notion, gracing the site with his “fierce rhyme animal” delivery and on point lyrics. He is one of the core members of the Movement Fam, with Cee, Bekah, and Tommy Gunz. He is currently in the U.S., getting down with some other WYDU favorites in Citizen and his Understudies crew (more on them, coming soon) in San Fran, then hitting up Seattle for the world famous DJ Hyphen show. The last time I talked to them earlier this week, they were in Atlanta, getting rowdy, dirty south style. Notion is a humble cat, but a fun dude, which is evident by his music and the words he spoke when we sat down and talked for this little write-up.

Notion of the Movement Fam Presents World Domi-Notion

WYDU: What’s good mighty N-O, how’s life treating you out on the road in the U.S. of A?

Notion: G’day Trav, what it do? Everything’s good right now mate, it’s my first time in the U.S. and I’m lovin’ it! So far we’ve been back and forth between San Fran and Seattle, jettin’ to ATL in the morning. As I’m writing this, I’m in our hotel room after spending the day recording in Oakland with The UnderStudies! Havin’ a ball!

W: Let’s fill in the readers of your history, how did you get started in the game, what made you say “hot damn, I wanna be an MC?”

Notion: Aight, well it all started from freestyling from about 14 years old. I was able to memorize lyrics fairly easily, and I just kept rapping after they finished! Simple as that. My brother Cee basically showed me how to structure a verse, then I hit the ground runnin’ from there! I constantly analyzed how my favourite songs were structured, how long they went for etc, and how other types of joints are mapped out really, and made up my own full songs from there. I’m still perfecting the art of the perfect track to this day. After getting reactions from my homies with my freestyles and written raps, it really hit home that I could do something with it, and best of all, it felt so right man! I’m hooked!!

W: What were some of you early influences? Who are some artists, music, themes that get your creative juices flowing now?

N: My ears were blessed with the sounds of Nas, Wu-Tang, Snoop, Dre, Dogg Pound, Rakim and cats like that at the early age of 7 or 8. My bro Cee and another homie were the only dudes I knew who were really into it. So along came the “homie” branding and the hate with it. Nobody in Australia was into Hip Hop back in the day. Fast forward about 18 years, and today and I’m bumpin’ and re-bumpin’ dudes like Nas (some things don’t change!) Jay, Ghostface, Little Brother, Elzhi, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, Skyzoo, and Mos Def to name a few. Its amazing because lately I’ve been getting my inspiration form producers, like 9th Wonder, Oddisee, Black Milk, etc. R&B and also Soul music, movies, the most random stuff! It’s amazing where an idea for a track, a line or concept for a project can come from. It’s super dope because I get really inspired by the cats that I work with the most. Movement Fam, what up!!

W: If you had to choose, which would it be? Bling, cars, fine woman? Or being known as one of the greatest MC’s to ever grace the mic?

N: Hands down Trav, the greatest emcee to grace the mic! I hope to one day even be considered in the same breath as my idols. Man I got into this for the pure excitement, and I can’t describe the joy it brings me to pen something heart felt and true. Material shit just don’t compare!

W: You have a new mixtape out, World Domi-NoTiOn, what can a new listener expect to hear on the project?

N: Yes indeedy, World Domi-NoTiOn is a good look at where I’m headed for my debut album next year. I included a few original joints on Domi-NoTiOn, for example “Enter My World” (Prod. By Da-Phai) and “The Come Up” (Prod. By Durban Poison), because I wanted to show the fans a sneak peek of what they can expect on my album. But with the mixtapes, I’ll continue to display my diversity with all sorts a beats and song types. I even get my sing on on a couple joints too! Hah!

W: Damn, we got the next Justin Timberlake in the house! haha..You have a particular jam on the new mixtape that would be the best example of what you are about on the mic?

N: “Set Me Free” featuring Bekah for sure. Although it’s a short track, it sums up my feelings towards Hip Hop and how it filled a void in my life. It’s the shit! You be the judge. I also wrote the hook Bekah sings. If you listen hard enough you will here me slightly in the background haha.

W: What’s up with the Movement Fam? How does the family element affect the crew dynamics?

N: Everything’s up with the Movement Fam, we definitely in full effect now!! Basically consisting of Cee-For, Bekah, Tommy Gunnz, and myself, we are a dynamic group which can all bring completely separate sounds and vibes, yet we all compliment each other’s sound, direction and we most importantly we all on the same page.

W: Alright man, just between us and the readers, who’s the better MC, you or big bro? haha

N: Hahahha ohh dude, cheers for throwin’ that one in. Umm as far as fan response, peeps seem to love us both, but prefer my so
und a bit more for some reason. (That’s probably a bias view tho haha) But when it comes down to it, I’m definitely better off the dome, Cee doesn’t like to get down on the free tip, but rips a written any day of the year. I mean we both have our areas we are doper in, it’s honestly hard to compare. It comes down to opinion. Now lets turn the tables… What do YOU think Trav? Haha!

W: Who’s interviewing who here? I say its a…..tie….yeah, cop out. What does the future hold for Notion? Are their any particular artists or producers you would like to work with in the future?

N: The future is bright for ya boy Notion baby! Well so far I’ve already accomplished a huge goal and recorded a track with an idol of mine, I’ll keep that in the vaults for now. I’ve got the next 2 years pretty much planned out with releases, both mine and Movement Fam projects. Next on the plate is “On The Corner Of Notion & 9th Mixtape” which will be available by the end of the year, late December its looking like at the moment. I’d love to work with 9th Wonder (obviously!), Oddisee, Ken Starr, Elzhi, pretty much anyone on my influences list I mentioned before! I can only hope, yo!

W: Hmmm, just did an interview with Elzhi this week…..Any last words for the American women out there while you are out on the prowl in the US and Canada?

N: Wassssuuuuuup ladies!! Hopefully I can get to meet some of the lovely women of America in the respective states we visiting, and bring a piece home with me. haha

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