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WYDU & Zilla Says EXCLUSIVE: Kooley High – Burn After Listening

by Travis on September 29, 2008

Here at WYDU, you now I’m a big fan of the NC group, Kooley High. The love for the music has transformed itself into a WYDU & ZillaSays collaboration… Exclusive mixtape brought to you by the two power houses…..

In the not to distant past two bloggers got to talking; as bloggers are apt to do. As they were sharing stories and bouncing ideas off of each other, they found that they had a lot in common but one thing in particular… infatuation with a new hip hop collective called Kooley High.

Bloggers are leading the way in this new era of hip hop music. They are an important means of introducing new music to the public and thereby the gatekeepers/taste makers of the game. In their efforts to use their voice to take part in the culture they love, sometimes in becoming a gatekeeper you quit being a fan. Sharing the same sentiment, these two bloggers agreed that Kooley High were one of the few new acts that were making music that gave them the feeling of a fan again. So with this mixtape they decided to use their websites not only to introduce fans to the great music from Kooley High but also to show gratitude to they group as genuine fans of the music.

Zillz (of and Travis (of went hard. Swiping tracks from myspace pages, contacting friends of friends, and requesting the services of an N.C. representative by the name of Ace Jones to make it happen. “Burn After Listening” is a compilation of exclusive and unreleased content from Kooley High. Apart from the 6 group members, the tape features artists such as; Median, Chaundon, & Edgar Allen Floe. With production from 9th Wonder and others. Enjoy! And make sure to check out the websites Kooley High, Zilla Says, WYDU
1. Marching
2. There You Go
3. Burning feat Chaundon & Halo
4. Today
5. Capital Kindred feat Median, Halo, & Lazurus
6. As For You
7. Eye of the Storm feat Halo & Rapsody
8. Closer (Remix)
9. Get It On The Low feat Halo
10. Water feat Lazurus & Edgar Allen Floe


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