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Three Years and Counting: The Daughter Turns Three

by Travis on October 1, 2008

Back in 2005, my man Polarity came to me with the idea of starting our own hip hop blog. It’s something I had tossed around in my mind before, but probably would have never done without Po prodding me to do so. Three years later, and the rest as they say, is history. Over that time, I’ve had the chance to do countless interviews, some with my all-time favorite artists of the game (J-Zone and Milk D). The site has been mentioned in a major market magazine (I just won’t let it die, will I…haha), I’ve hung out and had a beer with the co-owner and manager of one of the biggest rap labels and artists in the game (think about it) and I’ve even had my work published in some hip hop magazines (Peak Street, issues One & Two, thanks again to Polarity). Hopefully through all this “glitz & glamor”, I’ve accomplished what I really set out to do in the first place; turn people on to music they might not have heard of before, whether it’s the old school, obscure shit such as No Face, Red Hot Lover Tone, Frankenstein, or Threat or if it’s the flavor of the moment for me, such as Grip Grand, Kooley High, Shawn Jackson, or ScholarMan. Honestly, its still all a shock for me that people actually give a rats ass about what I have to say. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the best writer, I don’t have the slickest looking site, I don’t have the most knowledge and I don’t have the deepest crates. Yet, the blog is still going strong. Each year, the traffic has risen, all the way from about 25-50 hits a day that we had the first six months or so, to the 35k-40k a month that we’ve had throughout this year. WYDU isn’t the biggest or the baddest, but I hope people continue to dig it as long as I want to keep going.

In fact, that’s who I personally want to thank, the people. The people that make it a habit to check this site out everyday, every other day, or even two to three times a week. Hell, even if you only checked it once and thought it sucked, thanks for making the effort. When I started this, I was really only doing it for myself, and if people dug it, so be it. I’ve tried to keep that mindset over time, although I get lost trying to keep with the “Nah Rights” of the world from time to time. In the end though, I love doing this.

So if you haven’t been reading or have a short attention span…..THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU WANT TO START READING:

As a “Thank You” for the past three years, through the month of October, we here at WYDU will be giving away prizes. CD’s, T-Shirts, posters, hats and I’m not sure what else as of yet, but there could be more. Some stuff comes from the generous artists and media outlets that have supported WYDU over time, some is just from me picking up an interesting CD out of the used bins that I thought might be a good give away. I just wanted to give back to those who check the site out……and if you are a label or artist and want to donate merchandise for the giveaways, feel free to contact me (

Few Things of Note

-This probably won’t be a daily thing (unless we get clogged with prizes toward the end of the month), but it’ll be two to three times a week, more if I’m feeling generous. You’ll just have to check the site out to see when we do it.

- The give aways will be determined through little trivia questions, or “Name That Tune” kind of thing.

- To Answer, you MUST email me at PLEASE not at the contact email. I have enough to wade through on it without adding more to it. Try to correctly answer it as well…haha.

- The deadline for all answers will be 12 MIDNITE Eastern Standard Time (U.S. EST) of the day AFTER the question is asked.

- I will randomly draw a winner or winners (some will give away more than one prize) from the correct answers I get from the emails.

-I won’t be able to post the questions at a set time. My days are a cluster fuck right now, so who knows, but I’d be willing to say they will most likely be between 7am EST and 9am EST during the weekday mornings and anytime between 9pm EST and 2am EST

- International enteries are more than welcomed to participate.


To kick off WYDU’s Three years of exsistence, we start with one of my favorite all-time CDs:

Audio Two’s – I Don’t Care The Album
1. “On The Road Again”- 4:31
2. “Get Your Mother Off The Crack”- 4:30
3. “Undercover Hooker”- 2:42
4. “Worse Than A Gremlin”- 2:03
5. “Watcha’ Lookin’ At?”- 5:01
6. “I Get The Papers”- 2:57
7. “Milk Does The Body Good”- 4:35
8. “Start It Up Y’All”- 5:09 (Featuring MC Lyte, Positive K)
9. “When Milk’s On The Mic”- 3:08
10. “Build Up Back Up”- 1:32
11. “The Nasty”- 5:22
12. “6teen”- 3:46 (Featuring MC Lyte)
13. “Step”- 4:00
14. “Many Styles”- 3:57

I’ve mentioned this album NUMEROUS times over the history of this blog.

The CD is USED, so if you are a freak about new things, then you might want to skip this one. Good shape though.

If you want a chance to own this CD you must answer TWO questions CORRECTLY…….

QUESTION #1: What Audio Two project did THIS track FIRST (ORIGINALLY) appear on?

QUESTION #2: What was Milk Dee’s first record? (Hint: It can be found in one of those three links above)

So remember, get the correct answer to me by MIDNIGHT EST OCT 3rd to

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