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Grip Grand – Unreleased Madlib Track and Chart Toppers

by Travis on October 2, 2008

Grip Grand, (URB’s Next 100 2005, East Bay Express Best Rapper 2007, etc). I got a treat for you–an unreleased joint produced by Madlib! Yeah…

Charmed I’m Sure–Grip Grand, produced by Madlib

Charmed I’m Sure is an unreleased demo (produced by Madlib) recorded for the Grip Grand album Brokelore (Look Records 2008). Besides having a beat laced by one of the game’s best and brightest, this song is also notable because it was sampled by Madlib for the chorus of the song 2 Brothers From The Gutter Remix featuring Diamond D off the Percee P Perseverance Remix album (Stones Throw 2008). Don’t believe me? You can hear both songs back to back (and catch the whole story) at:

Say hey. My name is Grip Grand, I’m a California-based rapper and producer (URB’s Next 100 2005, East Bay Express Best Rapper 2007, et cetera). Maybe you’ve heard my recent Look Records album Broklore featuring hip-hop legends like Percee P and AG…maybe you haven’t (you really should, though). Either way, I’d like to put you on to my newest exciting project,a weekly dedication to the Billboard charts called Chart Toppers!!! Interested? Then read on…

Rec-League All-Stars presents Chart Toppers Week 6!!!

The Day That Never Comes Remix: Metallica & Grip Grand (Prod. by Grip Grand)

The Day That Never Comes Remix Cover Photo

To download previous installments in this series and cop their covers, go to: Sullivan Need U Bad Remix)

Need U Bad Remix Cover Photo Whatever You Like Remix)

Whatever You Like Remix Cover Photo Brown Forever Remix)

Forever Remix Cover Photo Disturbia Remix)

Disturbia Remix Cover Photo Perry I Kissed A Girl Remix)

I Kissed A Girl Remix Cover Photo

For additional information go to:

To find out more about GRIP GRAND go to:

What is ChartToppers?
Today’s kids love the popular music. Maybe you do, too. I think you’re all insane. However, we here at the Rec-League All-Stars training facility have decided to reach out to the youth of America and their fresh new sound by offering you, the listener, an olive branch of peace and compromise in the form of Chart Toppers!!!

This newly-instated training regimen will see your very own Rec-League All-Stars sweating it out to the newest top hits, expressly for your audio pleasure. Billboard says it’s Number One? We are there, pirating the instrumental and eliminating most of what you l
iked about the song. In its place, you get us instead, with brand new verses written in literally minutes! Plus,we create a hilarious cover photo by hijacking the original artist’s promotional materials and then inserting photos of ourselves looking like total idiots! All to keep your infinitesimally small window of interest in us open for just a few seconds more.

New Chart Toppers weekly! Collect them all!! Post them on your site and share them with your friends!!! Be part of the movement.

Thanks for your time,

Grip Grand and the Rec-League All-Stars

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