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WYDU Interviews: Chief Chinchilla & Live @ The Liqua Store Giveaway

by Travis on October 3, 2008

What’s good pimps & pimpettes, we got a special treat today. Both in terms of our interview and in terms of continuing with WYDU’s special month long birthday celebration.

Today, on the heels of his new album, Live @ That Liqua Store, we speak with J-Zone’s sidekick, Chief Chinchilla. The album is a “remake” of sorts of the great St. Ides commercials that were found back in the 90′s, with some classic hip hop artists spitting them. Zone and Chief bring that same idea for a set of new concoctions, brews, and malt liquors, in some hilarious fun that is just fun to listen to. Yeah, it’s okay to have “fun” in hip hop, they used to do it all the time. And to top it off, you get music produced by J-Zone once again, one of my all-time favorite producers and one of the best to ever do it.

As part of WYDU’s celebration, we’ve acquired a signed copy of “Live @ The Liqua Store” to give away to a lucky reader. There is only 500 of these bad boys out there, so this will be a collectors item in the future. Just to run over the rules:

- To Answer, you MUST email me at PLEASE not at the contact email. I have enough to wade through on it without adding more to it. Try to correctly answer it as well…haha.

- The deadline for all answers will be 12 MIDNITE Eastern Standard Time (U.S. EST) of the day AFTER the question is asked. (12AM EST SUN, meaning Sat Nite/Sun Morn)

- I will randomly draw a winner or winners (some will give away more than one prize) from the correct answers I get from the emails.

Today’s Question: Which track is this J-Zone instrumental from?

From Zone:

The time has finally come! Somewhere between Conan O’Brien’s lame jokes and Cosby Show reruns, me & Chief Chinchilla’s album album Live @ The Liqua sto -an ode to old malt liquor commercials- went live to itunes. If you’re not into the limited edition frisbee (CD), you can step into the new age and GET THE ALBUM ON ITUNES HERE. If you do want the CD (with bonus instrumentals), get it from my myspace page (with autograph from Chief Chinchilla himself) directly via paypal or on one of these two sites.


CD has been limited to 500 copies/collectors edition. They don’t sell like they used to, so get it til it’s gone and then you’re stuck with itunes! See previous e-mails about the album or google it for tracklisting & guest info, I ain’t typing that again! We worked hard and had fun making this album, not to mention it commemorates 10 years in the game for me as an artist (my first album was completed fall of 1998) and 15 years in the industry as a whole (I got my first industry gig at age 16). Still here! Sorta…though I don’t know how much longer. I want to keep my hairline and this business is a great place to recede it.

Zone has mellowed out in his older years, but his side kick on the Gator$-N-Fur$ mixshow that Zone does every month, is a real bad ass, takin’ fly honeys to White Castle, fuckin’ with P.E.T.A. and making ill impromptus over classic 80′s music. The problem is though, Chief gets into more trouble than Travis Henry around a key of cocaine. The two together eventually even each other out and make the Gator$-N-Fur$ something to look forward to every month. We caught up to Chief through his myspace account. I explained to him that I had once interviewed Zone (last year), and even Zone said it was one of his more personal interviews. Chief just laughed and called Zone a big softie these days. He also said he did remember the interview and that any site that was named after a No Face album was bound to be dope in his mind. But he would only do it via email, he said he wasn’t down with cell phones and Zone kept hiding his so Chief didn’t run up the minutes on the 1-900-Stacey Dash fan club line. So what we have is, as far as we know, the first interview with Chief Chinchilla….

WYDU: What’s good Chief? How’s Ma Dukes?

Chief Chinchilla: Chillin. Ma got sick of my shit cause after I got outta jail in April, I lost my job at the sprinkle factory. I never called out when I got locked up. I used my phone time to call J-Zone during the Behind Bars Mixshow, with his useless ass. So I got no income comin in, Ma and Grandma was trippin on me. I moved in with J-Zone for now but its only temporary.

W: You done with community service yet? What does the Man have you doing?

CC: Nah I’m still handlin mine. Cleanin up trash on the side of the Cross Island Parkway in Queens with a point stick. J-Zone’s moms be out there with me too cause they caught her stealing a can of Spam flavored Pringles from 7-11.

W: Damn Chief, they
fired ya ass at the sprinkle factory? What’s up with that?

CC: Well I explained earlier how they fired me. But they’ll call me back cause I invented that particular recipe that sent sales through the roof. Its all in what brand of red #40 dye you use. And I use confectioners sugar instead of that granulated crap. They’re gonna have to get me an LIRR pass if they rehire me because getting from Jamaica to Uniondale on a Huffy BMX is a bitch.

W: What’s the BEEF with PETA, why they be hatin’ on you?

CC: Man fuck em. Ain’t nathan but some haters. Got starving kids all over the world, hurricane victims, the economy is damn near Section 8, police killin people for no reason every day…and they worried bout some fur? Fuck outta here. Ever since I got that fur coat in 2003, it’s never been the same. A dodo bird was found in Qatar and it was supposedly the last one on the planet. PETA was up there tryin to preserve his ass, but I thought the feathers from the shit would be toasty warm and make a great down jacket cause it was cold back when them muthafuckas were around. Long story short, I met the bird on the runway at JFK Airport when the plane landed so I could get a good shot at him with my crossbow. I sniped him and made a coat and ever since I been shoppin at PETCO for sportswear, but PETA really hated me after that. They even got a subsidiary called “Fur Is Wrong” that just tried to add me on that myspace garbage last month. It’s a set up. They even tried to send Eva Mendes to seduce me and infiltrate my closet but it didn’t work. Fur before females. That’s the player code.

W: So, how did you get the name, “Onion Ring Pimp?”

CC: Because a good onion ring is the way to a woman’s heart, but y’all would never know that shit because y’all keep wining and dining these girls at them punk ass four star restaurants. It’s all in the trans fat. It’s a natural aphrodisiac. That’s why they were fuckin like rabbits in the 60’s and everybody is prude now. Trans fat.

W: You kind of came out of nowhere to team up with J-Zone, how did you and Zone hook up? How long you guys been down?

CC: I known him since about 86-87. He would be back and forth to the neighborhood. He would stay at his grandparent’s house on weekends, summers and school breaks and he went to school out here for a little while. We would hang sometimes, but he was a goody goody back then. He stood watch outside of the Basie Junior High playground when I lost my virginity in the 4th grade and made sure the girl’s older brothers didn’t interrupt my cherry pop. When he moved back to Queens full time in the late 90’s, I was away in the army. When I was dishonorably discharged in 2003, I came home and we been cool ever since. I was on “Baldylocks” on A Job Ain’t Nuthin But Work and his Gimme Dat Beat Fool Remix album talkin shit, but I stepped up to the forefront when he started Gator$-n-Fur$. J-Zone is a poop butt, but that’s my ace for life.

W: What are the Gator$ & Fur$ for those fools that don’t know what time it is?

CC: It’s a monthly mix show me and Zone put together in 2007. We’ve done about 15 shows at this point. Every show is an hour long and has a specific theme and we play all music around that theme. All genres, we both fuck with everything. We’re open minded when it comes to music. It has a comedy vibe and its pretty silly at times, I guess like a J-Zone album. But I got more personality than Zone, so he does the mixing part and I host the show mostly. We’re taking a little break from the show because Live @ The Liqua Sto just dropped so we’re both mad busy and tired. Those shows are a lot of work.

W: How much creative input does Zone let you have on those shows, when it comes to the songs played and the themes?

CC: 50/50. Sometimes he plays some bullshit I don’t like, but for the most part we agree on everything. When I bust out those crazy interpolations of them 80’s hits, he gets mad though because its totally unexpected.

W: I’m guessing the show with you being locked up is probably your least favorite (April 2008), do you have an episode that you claim as your favorite?

CC: I was really suffering with a mean case of blue balls for the last show (Dry Spell- September 2008), but that show was one of the best, if not the best. I liked Cop Hell (January 2008), Zooted! (August 2008) and Ain’t No Luv (February 2008) too. On all of these shows I was in a fucked up situation, but the way the shows came out was dope.

W: So, the new album is out, Live @ The Liqua Sto, how does it feel to be a big time rap star? How has your everyday life changed?

CC: I’m currently in talks with both White Castle and Project Paradise Malt Liquor for endorsements, so the money could be real good soon. Maybe then Ma Dukes will let me move back home cause J-Zone is a pain to live with. He wakes up at 8AM everyday to watch Night Court and that’s when I’ve just gone to sleep, so it keeps me up. Girls are startin to show me love at White Castle even more than before because now I got a CD to give em. Before I would give em zshare links to the Gator$-n-Fur$ shows and they would put it in their phone and I’d have to wait for th
em to hear it before I knew if I was gonna be able to get laid. The CD= instant play. But Zone keeps telling me the CD is limited edition so I’mma have to start doin that sendspace shit or give the broads itunes links.

W: You got some big names involved with the project, did you have to ride J’s coat tails to get those hook ups? Anybody you didn’t get on it that you wanted?

CC: Yeah Zone called in a lot of favors. I known them dudes but not as well as he does. I wanted Suga Free on there but Zone wasn’t able to get him. I thought Bitch Pleeeze Malt Liquor coulda been a hit with Suga Free on it. I wanted to get Devin The Dude and Casual too, but they were on the road and busy at the time we were recording.

W: What made you want to create an album? Is this something you’ve been wanting to do?

CC: Nah it kinda just happened by accident. But those are always the best projects. We had a lot of fun and two months before we mixed the final song, the idea wasn’t even in our heads. That’s the best kind of music. Where you just get in an unexpected zone and have fun, no planning. It was good to see Zone havin fun in the studio again because he got so fed up with the game he damn near gave away all his equipment to his music peers last year.

W: What do you hope to accomplish with this project?

CC: Nothing. We already accomplished everything we wanted. We had fun. If people go into it looking for J-Zone’s first three albums like they always do, fuck em. This is my album and we did it with my vision. To be honest, its more of a comedy album/audio variety show than a rap album. There’s beats and rhymes but its more like a drunken episode of Saturday Night Live than some boom bap shit. Even the beats, they’re meant to fit the commercials so people cant really buy it only looking for standard bangers. Zone did a lot of layering and shit, brought back old drum breaks and what not. We hope people have as much fun listening to it as we did making it, but if we can’t get any love, fuck it. There isn’t much buzz on it right now, but so goes life. It ain’t a traditional rap album so it may fall through the cracks. A lot of blogs, distributors and press people are frontin already, not givin us a chance. I won‘t lie, its been kind of frustrating getting the word out on this project simply because of the nature of the game at this point. We‘re not playin the game. Fuck em. Who died and made your opinion the end all of music? Go back to your lifeguard job and pull a guppy out the ocean you trendy body shirt wearing NYC transplant piece of shit. And stop wearing those punk ass florescent sunglasses with the slits on em and them tight ass jeans that you wear at your thighs with the bike chain hangin off em, y’all look tacky.

W: Alright man, you need to help those sorry sap suckas that can’t get past a first date. I thought we’d get you to lay down a “How To” for first dates, Chief Chinchilla style….

CC: Always aim low price wise. Women respect honesty. Stop breakin bank at these ol fancy ass restaurants. All that Red Lobster shit is too fancy. Women know what they get when I pull up to that White Castle. No surprises. This creates a comfort zone. We’re chinchillin. Its all love. I ain’t no orderin wine and talkin about “so what do you do for a living?” Fuck that crap. White Castle, talk a bit about how the Knicks can’t have a run & gun offense this year because their center is a big piece of Crisco, talk about why Hollywood Shuffle and Berry Gordy’s Last Dragon are the best movies ever made then get them drawers off. Fuck all that winin and dinin. Simpin is a sin. Go left. It’ll throw a girl for a loop and create a chemistry. Stop playin the dating game by the rules because you’re makin it hard for us real macaroni’s out here.

W: Say you met a nice young female, and you want to make her a “Chinchillette”. What “pre-game warm ups” do you do to get ready for a date? Any particular types of cologne or any of that kind of shit that should be used?

CC: Well, I usually drink a tall can of Calvin’s Hard Lemonade (listen to the commercial for it on Live @ The Liqua Sto). That way I can stroke it all night like Reggie Miller from three point range. I always use a cologne that PETA is mad at due to how its tested on animals. That way I know it’s safe. After that it’s all in the Chinchilla game baby.

W: I take it you ain’t pickin’ them up in no Limo or nothing, what is the usual means or transportation on that first date? Should we bring flowers or candies or anything?

CC: Fuck flowers, fuck candy. They make enough money on that crappy awful horrible Valentines Day because of all these wimps out there buyin up shit for girls they’re gonna cheat on the next day anyway. So fuck that. As for transportation, I may attach some pegs on the back of my bike so the girl has a place to stand. If she’s a bigger girl, I let her ride the bike and I hop on the pegs cause I’m a petite pimp.

W: I know I’m always confused on some of the date etiquette, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Should we open the door for our dates?

CC: If you mean literally opening doors, no. She can open it for me. J-Zone opens doors for girls, not me. Fuck that. If you metaphorically mean opening doors to the future of Chinchillin and a fruitful relation$hip, then yes. Open sesame!

W: What about at the restaurant “rules”, should we pull the chair out for the lady? What’s your take on ordering for her?

CC: Ordering, that I always do. Because if you let her order herself, she’ll start askin for supersize sodas and all that shit. No no no no no. Until she’s wifey status, she gets a small or a medium. Can’t start slippin and buyin her the super size so early in the game because then she gets too comfortable too soon. As for chairs, nah. I only do the drive thru.

W: What is your favorite place to wine and dine the lucky female? Should we splurge for a nice bottle of bubbly? If not, what should we be expected to by the young lady in ter
ms of refreshments and appetizers?

CC: Besides Le Chateau Blanc aka White Castle? There ain’t many other places. If I take her to the one in Far Rockaway, I may bring her to Rockaway Beach to look at the projects and frolic in the sand while we drink our sodas. But that’s only if I’m feeling romantic. Onion rings are an appetizer but by the time she’s eaten her onion rings, she can’t keep her hands off of me. I never had to order a main course, I never got that far. While these fools are selecting credit cards and telling the waiter “she’ll have the filet mignon”, I’m already poppin in that Disco Rick & The Dogs CD and makin that girl scream my name!

W: What kind of main course should we, as suitors, be expected to order?

CC: Like I said, I never get that far. She’s tryin to jump my bones way before that main course thingy.

W: Should we take them to a movie? Or maybe to a club, which do you prefer?

CC: Me and J-Zone don’t do clubs. Hell naw. Movies are a rip off. Like I said, it depends on which White Castle we ate at. Far Rockaway we do the beach, Queens Village we may ride up to the dollar store on Hillside Ave and so some shopping. But that’s after we have sex because the onion rings just put you in the mood immediately.

W: Say we aren’t as good as you, but we still get lucky after the dates events. She asks us up for a “drink”, what should we be expecting? How do we “seal the deal” so to say?

CC: Well like I said, I never had to go that far. But if I was you I’d go up there and just see what drinks she has. If she has wine, hit it and run, she’s too high class. If you see some 40 oz bottles lined up on her wall, she’s a keeper. Stroke her like you really wanna keep her so she‘ll never leave you. And make sure you have some good love making music selected. Some Ike Turner, The Afros, Schooly D or Johnny Guitar Watson. That will set the mood with a lady, you can’t miss.

W: What are the top five artists/albums to get the females in the sack according to you?

1. Disco Rick & The Dogs: Hi-Ho
2. Schooly D: No More Rock & Roll
3. Parliament: Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk
4. B-Legit: Tramp Dogs
5. Ganksta Nip: Ganksta Mac

W: Do you have a brand of condom you prefer? And how do you feel about a chick that gives it up on the first date?

CC: Trojan Magnum Chinchilla with warming Lubricant. I don’t know how I feel about that because I never had to wait past the first date. But I know Zone don’t really care for one nighters cause he‘s square now.

W: How long are we expected to “cuddle”?

CC: 0.2 sec. I don’t do those, I just give her .2 seconds to show my sensitive side.

W: When she we call them after that first date?

CC: Next time you’re in the mood.

W: Alright and finally, if you could make any five women out there Chinchillettes, who would they be?

1. Stacey Dash
2. Robin Givens (1986-1988 only. I’m sure after Mike Tyson wore that out I would fall in.)
3. Halle Berry
4. Jessica Alba
5 . Some girl I saw at the supermarket the other day. Gotta have a regular around the way girl on the list cause celebrity pussy is overrated!

W: I’m sure you’ll be helping millions of pimpled faced 18 years old there with getting by the first date, thanks homie! Good luck with the album!

CC: Good lookin out.

FINALLY, a MUSIC VIDEO! And it doesn’t have time code on the screen! Big time! You saw the 3 part trailer for this album, and as you know only one of the parts had to do with the actual album (in true J-Zone fashion). Well here is the official music video (for “Can I Get A Sip?”). Chief Chinchilla went down to South Carolina to film this behind my back, so I’m not in it. Special thanks to Kevin Young (Dikmiller Films) for a hilarious old school video. In case you missed the trailers (courtesy of Tzarizm & Grime Life TV), here they are again…

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