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Do Your Homework!! “Like It Should Be” – Extra Prolific

by Eric on October 4, 2008

“Like It Should Be”-Extra Prolific (Jive, 1994)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Before we get this thing started, I’ve been slavin’ tryin’ to figure out what instrumental is spinning in the background during the first part of this Double O interview (it comes in near the :20 mark) from the “Duck Down Hotline” mixtape. Can someone PLEASE gimme’ a hand with this, that beat is SICK!!

In 1993 the flavor didn’t just stop with the release of Souls Of Mischief’s now classic “93 Till Infinity”. With tracks produced by Hiero’s seminal producer slash manager, Domino, Souls’ A-Plus & Casual, Extra Prolific’s “Like It Should Be” was a versatile combination of the phat Hiero-isms along with sick lyrics and “Oakland trunk-pump worthy” beats. The Hiero affiliated Extra Prolific was basically a solo act, the creation of MC Snupe along with studio cohorts Domino (not that Domino!) and A-Plus (of S.O.M.). “Like It Should Be” was released on Jive which boasted a solid, impressive roster in 94′ (do bad Jive’s sound quality was always soo shitty on cassette back in the day!). Despite the BOOMING first single “Brown Sugar”, Extra Pro was dropped from Jive shortly thereafter, and that is a damn shame….at least in my eyes!

Brace yourself, I actually favored “Like It Should Be” over anything Souls Of Mischief ever dropped. It would also be safe to say that this is my favorite Hiero release..Period! Ok, you can breathe now and let me justify my stance. This album is just a feel good piece of work with an abundance of highlights and next to no wastage at all. Lets start with the opening lyrics to “Brown Sugar”, “I had bit**es, freaks and all that sh*t”… MC Snupe was just dope..I loved his flow and voice. Plus, he was one of those cats that seemed to coast over the lovely backdrops provided with a near effortless swagger. And what about “One Motion”, if that cut ain’t funky I don’t know what is!

Man, I truly do love this effort from Extra Prolific and while they aren’t really a “One Album Wonder” (In 96′ Snupe returned with a record “2 for 15″ recorded from his own label, Security…if you got it, hook it up!) I just had to share this one with those cats who’ve never peeped this release. And of course for all you Hiero headz there’s guest spots in abundance. For instance, Casual positively steals the brief “Cash Money” and Opio may have gotten a head up on “Now What”. Regardless, even if Extra Prolific may have been second tier Hieroglyphics, “Like It Should Be” was one of the illest releases that ‘94 had to offer and IMO has a plethora of exceptional tracks with bass knocks that can be heard for blocks. You can hit me up on this one, to deprive yourself of Extra Pro’s unique flavor would be criminal!

Check em’ out:

“One Motion” (click to Listen)

“Brown Sugar” (Domino Remix)

“In Front Of The Kids”

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smug January 28, 2010 at 3:28 pm

He also released a full length called “Masterpiece” on tape only after 2 for 15. Like it Should Be is the most solid of all his releases for sure though. After Del, Extra Pro was my next favorite out of the Hiero crew. I talked to Snupe not too long ago and he is now doing the Christian rap thing under the name “Lee Majors”.

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