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New Artist Spotlight: DXArmy

by Travis on October 4, 2008

Hopefully by now, some of you have clicked the banner in the upper left hand corner for the DXArmy Progression album (you can still buy it from that location). If you haven’t, you should really do yourself a favor and check for some classic NY hip hop. This album will go down as one of my favorites of 2008, easily. No gimmicks, no sing songy hooks, just quality old fashioned hip hop.

DXArmy CD Giveaways….

We have some free CDs, three of them in fact as well as a copy of their single “Progression”, which will be in my top songs of the year easily, it’s on vinyl.

So if you want a copy of the CD or the vinyl single, shoot me an email ( and if you want to be in the drawing for the vinyl single, make sure you indicate that you want the vinyl, I want to make sure that someone with tables gets it. Get the email to me by 11pm EST on Monday.

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WYDU: What’s good gentlemen, can we get some introductions and roles for those of us who might be new to your music and group?

DXA:We are a rap group consisting of four members: Dface is the bluntly spoken MC, engineer/gear head who handles most of the dirty work between the sessions. Calamity is the mic wrecking MC, constantly spitting flows, usually creating chaos whenever he delivers them. Doam Peace is the animated MC who adds his tasteful dynamics to the stew and IceRocks, the crate rocker, produces fresh beats we bring our flavor to.

W: So what’s the history behind the DXarmy? How did y’all come together to form the group?

DXA:Our group began in the late 90’s when two of us (dface and chris) met in high school. We spit every day after school and after a while began making songs on a 4 track. At this point we joined up with chris’s brother doam and our neighborhood friend icerocks who shared the same love for the music.

W: The album, Progression, brings back that old NY sound, but with a fresh twist on it, what are some of your influences when it came to making the album?

DXA:The fact that we are from New York City means that we have been exposed to a great deal of NY hip-hop in our lifetimes. We miss the prominence of the NY sound in music. The album is an attempt to represent our reflection of New York City and the culture of Hip-Hop. One of the things that influenced the sound of our album is the diversity of our producers. There are more than ten producers that contributed to the project as well as two Dj’s.

W: “Summertime” is a great track to throw on at a BBQ (tested that out this weekend). It’s just one of the tracks on the album that seems to incorporate a lot of “mood” inducing music. Is that something that was intentional?

DXA:We were just trying to capture things that resonate in our lives, like the summer. We did the tracks over a long period a time so there wasn’t much of an intentional plan. We had to make a lot of songs to get the ones we wanted for the album. Certain songs should induce a mood because that mood was put into our heads when we picked the beats.

W: How do you guys come up with concepts for songs and the such?

DXA: It varies with the amount of stuff we do. Some songs started from a hook, some started from beats, and some started from ideas or concepts. For example, “Break it Down” was inspired out of hearing the instrumental. It had break dance song written all over it. While a joint like “I Don’t Wanna Hate” came from the hook. Music is like that, it comes when it comes and as artists we try not to limit our creative process. We get inspiration from a lot of places.

W: NYC has been kind of in a rut as far as hip hop music, what are your guys take on that?

DXA: Cop the album, ruts over.

W: What does the future hold for DXA?

DXA: We’re like sharks in the water, can’t stop swimming. Tracks are continuously being made even if it takes time for a project to come out. We are going hard at getting our album out and building as a group in all aspects. Look out for more wax in the future tho, an EP might be next. (Make sure you cop the progression single on 12”).

W: Any last words you would like to kick to the readers?

DXA: Always support the cats who break their backs for the love of Hip-Hop. If you want real music to succeed you gotta buy it.

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