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WYDU Classics Sept 08: WYDU Invented The Remix Vol 2

by Travis on October 8, 2008

Ahhh yes, we are a month behind. What? You didn’t know? Well some of you did obviously. The WYDU Classics will be back in full effect this month as part of the WYDU birthday celebration, we’ll be dropping a WYDU Classic every week for the rest of October. So all you fans of the classics and saying that WYDU isn’t old school enough, well maybe this will make you some what happy. I got themes working on some of the others, but today’s is all about the Remix, one of my favorite things in hip hop. I’m not talking about rapping over the same beat and getting five of the hottest MCs in the game to kick a recycled 16 over your joint, I’m talking changing shit up, making it better, or at least making it enjoyable and different. This month, we have some of my personal favorites from the past, all kinds of good shit, some of it rare, some of it not so rare, so ch-ch-check it out…..

WYDU Classics Sept 08: WYDU Invented the Remix Vol 2

01 Boogie Down Productions – We In There (Remix)
02 Positive K – Aint No Crime (K-Def Remix)
03 Hard 2 Obtain – Ghetto Diamond (Remix)
04 Top Quality – Magnum Opus (Remix)
05 Black Sheep – Strobelite Honey (street mix)
06 3rd Bass – Brooklyn Queens (2nd Bass Mix)
07 Frankenstein – The Pain (remix)
08 B.U.M.S. – Take A Look Around (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
09 The Nonce – Bus Stops (Metro Line Remix)
10 The Pharcyde – Otha Fish (LA Jay Remix)
11 Tha Alkaholiks – Mary Jane (remix)
12 Tupac -Temptations (Battlecat Hip Hop Mix)
13 C.P.O. – Ballad Of A Menace (Homicidal Theme Remix) (with MC Ren)
14 House of Pain – Word is Bond (Remix)
15 Gangstarr – Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot) (Remix)
16 The Roots – Silent Treatment (Da Beatminerz Mix)
17 Chi Ali – Roadrunner (Puberty Mix)
18 INI – Fakin Jax (Frankenstein Remix)

It leads off with BDP and a song found on the “We In There” single. It dropped before the album, and I thought the original version was the f’in ish. Initially, I never paid much attention to the remix version, which features a new third verse and an ill siren sound that I love so much. After awhile though, I went back to the remix and it would become a favorite to put on my homemade mixtapes that I was making back in the day. The K-Def beat for the remix of Pos K’s “Ain’t No Crime” remix might sound familiar if you heard his Beats From The 90′s instrumental project he released earlier this year. Hard 2 Obtain was one of the more slept on crews of the days, and the “Ghetto Diamond” remixed was armed with an ill sample. I can’t pass up including Frankenstien in any of these WYDU Classics and he shows up twice, first on a remix of his own joint, “Frankenstein’s Pain”, which is better than the original in my opinion. He also blesses the InI joint “Fakin’ Jax” with the remix treatment, which after you get used to it, is up there with the original. I’ve always loved “Strobelight Honey”, at least the lyrics and the concept, but the remix spiced up a beat I didn’t always care for. Black Sheep infused some fluttering horns to entrance the listener and gives you the feeling that Gooney Gnu is running down the hall after you.

Halfway into the collection, we touch onto some of the West Coast gems. Two of my favorite left side groups in The Nonce and The B.U.M.S. both show up with remixes. The BUMS have a Vinyl Reanimator remix of “Take A Look Around”, which employs a slow ride bassline with lightly rang bells scatter over the beat. It’s an excellent remix that smashes an already solid original. The Nonce single for “Bus Stops” featured a handful of remixes, the Metro Line Remix being my favorite. Two songs that are my favorite from the each artist shows up next. “Temptations” from Tupac gets redone by one of my westcoast favorite, Battlecat. It’s not as good as the Easy Moe Bee original, but it’s still a good look. The Pharcydes “Otha Fish” gets redone by LA Jay. It’s not as good as the original, but again, it’s a nice twist on a favorite.

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