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New Artist Spotlight: Tha Connection

by Travis on October 12, 2008

Earlier this year, my man Eric from When They Reminisce text messaged me saying that I needed to check out this group. As some of you know, sometimes Eric and I have different tastes. He is more into the soulful crooning found on some albums, with jazzy samples, while I’m more into the boombap, hard drums and more or less a throwback sound. When I got the chance, I got online and before I had a chance to check out this group E was talking about, there was an email from Domination Recordings with a free download for the same group Eric was telling me about. I downloaded the album, pressed play on the Winamp, and what I heard blew me away. Tha Connection, the group in question, has the mellow, smooth, jazzy shit that Eric likes, while they keep the bangin’ drums and rough edge to the music that I like.

Since then, I’ve been playing that free album, which is “Universal Dominance”, almost daily. The sound is very cohesive, yet diverse enough to keep my attention. It’s not going to incite any riots, but it’s great music to unwind at the end of the day. And after listening to their new album, Trapeze (special blogger privileges), I can safely say, that it may be even better. There are already a couple tracks on it that will be making my top100 of the year. Of course, we sat down and talked to the crew known as Tha Connection……

Title: Domination Recordings Presents : Tha Connection Universal Dominance

Label:Domination Recordings

About: Free Download Released on August 23rd, 2008

Production: Twelvebit, Ialone, Max I Million, AGQ, Sci-Fi, Vans Cal, DJ Kryptonite, Elaquent, Darkitect

W: How did y’all form as a group, how long have you been doing your thing?

Tha Connection: Hus Tha KingPin and SmooVth Dude formed Tha Connection back in 03′, we met thru some mutual female friends, and been rockin’ ever since.

W: There seems to be some names that seem to pop up quiet often on the album productions, Twelvebit, Ialone, Sci-Fi, Vans Cal, DJ Kryptonite, are those fam members or part of a larger crew?

TC: Those are our brothers! Twelvebit from Sweden dropped his debut via Rawkus 50 that we appeared on 11 times. Ialone is a dark deep producer from Sweden, we’ve been working with him for quite some time now. Sci – Fi is a beat wizard from the UK who has been working closely with us for a while, and is working with Hus on a new web label called “The Advantage Music Group, AMG”. Vans Cal is a heaven sent phenom who produces the illest shit on earth, and is all over our Goon Trax album release entitled “Moon Water” dropping in December. DJ Kryptonite is a legend, he’s currently down with the Creative Juices crew, and has been with us since day one.

W: Was Tha Connection a part of the Rawkus 50 movement last year?

TC: Rawkus 50 is all about Twelvebit, our brother had us appear on there 11 times out of the 23 tracks on the release. Check his album called Twelvebit - Stranded On Planet Rock.

W: The free project, “Universal Dominance”, is definitely in my top 10 ten of the year, I find it amazing that there is that much quality in a free project. What is the reason behind offering it as a promotional item? Any physical copies floating around out there?

TC: We have so much music, we always put out free gems. Domination Recordings just recognized the talent, and pumped that one out there as a promo before we drop the digital album entitled “Trapeze” on Thanksgiving.

W: What are your opinions regarding the internet and how it’s changed the entire business as far as promoting and marketing music?

TC: It’s free promotion. Gotta do it. It’s the new way of marketing your crew. Can’t beat it. Unfuckwitable. It got us our Domination Recordings and Goon Trax situation.

W: You have signed to Domination Recordings, as previously mentioned. It seems like a nice little up and coming label. How did you hook up with them?

TC: We first signed a contract to Tokyo, Japans Goon Trax label. Domination Recordings works closely with that label, and it was natural. Plus DJ at Domination is the don, whut up cuzz!

W: You have two albums, one with the Goon Trax label out of Japan and another for Domination. With the Goon Trax album dropping in December, what can we can we expect from that? Is that going to be a strictly import type thing for those of those of us back home?

TC: The Goon Trax album is a straight jazz/hip hop gem, 16 track CD, and a 6 track Vinyl. Entitled “Moon Water” and is exclusive to Japan. Straight Import. Props to Phil Potz.

W: What will the Domination album consist of? When can we expect to see that?

TC: The Domination Recordings album will consist of raw shit and soul gems. It’s called “Trapeze” and is coming in November on Thanksgiving. 26 Track gem!

W: Anything else the minions should be aware of that you guys are associated with in the future?

Check out Fella Vaughns vinyl release via Melting Pot Music that dropped in August, Hus appeared on that one. Check out the SmooVth and Drums EP via Peakaboo, dropped last year, I believe all the physicals are sold out, but google it. Check out our freebies we dropped via our myspace earlier this year, Food EP and last years Connect EP,

W: Any last words?

TC: Props to my man Ka from the GZAPro Tools, track 11 Firehouse. Look out for him. Check his album “Iron Works”, look for him on our myspace top 40 and message him for it, he only gives it out personally. Don’t forget, “Trapeze” via Domination Recordings in November and “Moon Water” via Goon Trax in December. Props to my g, Trav. Love infinite. Connect///

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