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Anatomy Of A Beef……Part One: LL Cool J Vs. Kool Moe Dee

by Travis on October 14, 2008

As I said last week, we throwing down some WYDU Classics every week in the month of October to celebrate WYDU’s 3rd birthday. Before we do……

New Blog….
T.R.O.Y. from Philaflava

Before we jump right into it, I have to bring to attention a DOPE new blog out there. My homies from Philaflava have joined forces to bring possibly the dopest obscure, rare and classic hip hop blog since Bust The Facts. Jaz (from WYDU favorite Cold Rock Da Spot), Jason Gloss (the owner and mastermind behind Philaflava), Admiral, Roy Johnson, Blockhead (yeah, THAT Blockhead), Thun (of Oh Word fame) and some others that I haven’t figured out who is all involved over there yet. Some of the material they have been dropping is a first time for showing up on the web, and if you can do that these days, then you got something. They’ve dropped everything from sample sources, to a B1 discography (if you don’t know who B1 is, then you should head over there, take my word….if you do know who B1 was, then you know you should head over there, I don’t have to tell you), to some Busy Bee material, to some Spoonie G material, with some Knucklehedz singles mixed in as well as some Now Born Click. That’s just the first page, so it’s a dope site that all of you that feel you don’t get enough of an oldschool fix here anymore….In fact I got five tracks for the next WYDU Classic from the blog and forum.

This week, it’s all about beef…all the way from rare to the well done.

Kool Moe Dee was a legend back in the day. His first single “Go See The Doctor” produced by future New Jack Swing guru, Teddy Riley, took off. His self titled solo debut made a splash for Jive/RCA. A very solid debut album would lead into his most popular LP of his career, “How Do You Like Me Now”, which would produced the hit’s with the title track and “Wild Wild West”. It was about this time him and LL Cool J would compete in one of the greatest battles on wax that Hip Hop has ever seen.

Instead of highlighting this myself, I believe there is someone who has more of a detailed view and a better vantage point of the whole beef, a reader sent this excellent coverage and opinion of the Kool Moe Dee Vs. LL Cool J Battle back in the day and I’ve posted it before, it’s such a good read, we’ll do it again……all credit and props for this goes to Kevin:

In regards to HipHop, as far as I’m concerned there were always two types of HipHop fans:

1. Those that were just following HipHop through buying records and listening to the radio, but were too young to go to and hang out at the HipHop spots, like Latin Quarters, Rooftop, Bentley’s, Roxy, Danceteria, Union Square etc….and only went to the concerts

2. Those who following HipHop though buying records and listening to the radio, and were old enough to hang out at the all the HipHop spots as well as go to the concerts.

Now here is these points have on the Kool Moe Dee vs. LL Cool J rivalry because, Moe Dee may not have been popular amongst those young record buying HipHop fans, but definitely had some support from those older HipHop fans that were hanging out in the HipHop spots especially as he was still rocking at those spots, which in turn has an effect on your outlook on how the battle came about as well as it’s outcome and the full insight in regards to their rivalry


When Moe Dee and the HIPHOP CATS were pushing and anticipating for a live battle between these 2, LL KEPT DUCKING AND RUNNING FROM Moe Dee…….and there are incidents to prove it

Now lets, review the Moe Dee vs. LL battle more carefully shall we………Now readers, make sure you’ve got a cup of tea and biscuits in your hand for the following info. Now here info about incidents that happen OUTSIDE their battle records that were made, which related to their beef:

Just so you know, the beef between LL and Moe Dee had been brewing for a period of time, since the mid-80′s. Moe Dee always suspecting that, LL was letting fame get to his head with a cocky attitude as if those that came before didn’t matter (that’s what Moe Dee and others had beef with Run)

Especially with LL spitting lines like “greatest rapper in the history of rap itself” etc, then with Moe Dee feeling like LL took his style, and at the same time abruptly brushing off rappers that came before him, was definitely adding logs on the fire of their beef

But here was one incident, which was the straw that broke the camels back for Moe Dee in their beef:

One show night in Boston, LL missed his plane and the show’s promoter asked if Rakim and Moe Dee could just go up onstage and rhyme for a while and hold the crowd over with some impromptu freestyle. They agreed, and within 15 minutes along with Grandmaster Dee cutting, Rakim, Jalil, Extacy, Mike C and Kool Moe Dee absolutely wrecking the crowd. Once word got to them that LL was in the house and ready to rock the stage they finally shut it down. Just seconds after the MC’s shut it down, whilst still on stage and LL took the stage walked over to a speaker and stood over all the MC’s that just saved the show, and began to explain to the crowd w
hy he got on last, and why his name is the biggest name on the marquee. He ranted on in an extreme condescending manner about how his sales showed how he’s a bigger star than those MC’s that were on the stage and how he’s the bigger & better MC than the rest of them

Now it’s known about the order of their records between 1987-1989; How You Like Me Now, Jack The Ripper, Let’s Go, and once these records were out, cats where just anticipating the moment when these two will nail their battle in the coffin and would just get on stage…….and as these two had a habit of meeting each other on stage that moment was so close you could taste and touch it.

So let’s list some of the incidents of their meetings which sparked the fire of their battle when it was on from 1987-1989:

One night at the Apollo, LL was there, and he performed Jack The Ripper….people thought Moe Dee wasn’t there, so LL acted and fronted like he was calling him out, and like if Moe was there then he would bring it to Moe…but while LL was performing, and face emerges from the crowd, a spot light is on that person, it turns out to be Kool Moe Dee, the crowd was like “OH SHIT THERE GONNA GET ON NOW” AND GOES NUTS….as Moe starts making his way to the stage, LL got nervous, and just rapped up his show, and quickly stormed of the stage…….once Moe got on the stage, LL was gone but the chanting MOE Dee’s name from the time he made his way to the stage and even when he was still on stage

Another incident at the Apollo, what happened was the Dj played LL’s jack the ripper, and LL was expected to come out, Kool Moe Dee came out instead and snatched the record of the decks, the crowd went wild, and the DJ played an instrumental, and Kool Moe Dee just ripped LL a new asshole in a freestyle, and told the crowd LL’s day was coming, and people in the crowd were saying the same thing as well as saying I HOPE LL COMES OUT whilst in the frenzy Moe Dee just put them in…. There battle created so much buzz and a live battle was so anticipated that Arsenio Hall, even offered to let these host and put on their live battle on his show, but LL brushed it off by saying that he’d rather settle it in a boxing ring

But here is one of the final incident, which was the nail in the coffin of their beef in 80′s…..this incident took place in late 88 or early 89 in Texas. Moe Dee was doing a show in …..LL shows up during his show and starts blowing kisses to the crowd….Moe Dee tries to step to him for a battle, but LL escapes into the crowd…but Moe Dee spots LL in the crowd and puts the spotlight on him challenging LL to a live battle, but LL refuses again….so Moe does a freestyle dissing LL even dropping the verbal “LL’s” on him gets the crowd to BOO LL outta the arena. Moe Dee acknowledged to the crowd the battle was done and dropped/slammed the mic down. Now of course all of these incidents were before 1990-1991 where there were further answer records to their 80’s records; To The Break Of Dawn and Death Blow.

(trav’s note: the audio he sent me gave me chills up & down my spine)

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