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Hustle Simmmons – Album Review

by DJSoulClap on October 14, 2008

I remember Tha S Ence being one of my first friends on myspace. I always was a fan of his beats, he had this typical MPC sound which always reminded me a little of J Dilla. I remember him graduating, buying an MPC 4000 (I guess?) and being really happy with it. He’s someone who really loves the music and wants to make his contribution. Now he linked up with Dave Ghetto to work on the Hustle Simmons project which is now finally done.

The album starts soulful with a bangin beat, hard drums and Dave Ghetto getting loose. Kinda reminds me of some Slum Village stuff, and I’m a huge Slum Village fan. Good start for an album, I like Intros like that a lot, just a hot beat with a verse is better than just some talking.
Next up is a joint called “They already know” and I’m already like WooooooooO!!! If the albums continues like that it will be incredible. Dave Ghetto is ripping that beat without needing a hook, he kinda got an hypnotic flow which I really like! Plus he got some shit to say.
Track number 3 features Buff 1 and starts with a nice Busta Rhymes cut. There are some Rappers that just need to be used for cuts, like Busta, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Prodigy and a few more, they always sounds cool. The beat is super hot. The hook is very nice put together with rhymes and some additional cuts. Buff 1 fits perfect on that track. Tha S Ence makes me wanna start making a beat right now…

Next up: Standing by featuring Mars Five, whoever that is, but he is dope! Aaaaaaah, that soul sample… “Love is heeeere, standing by” Another very hot joint! “Get down” is a banger without crazy soul samples, just a lot of bass and banging drums. Dave Ghetto is spitting some basic shit, not rhyme wise, just theme wise. Dope one.
“Evacuate” starts with super hard drums. As it continues this is easily something that could have been on the Heltah Skeltah album. Dave Ghetto is very sovereign, always on point, got a hot voice, nice flow, he’s spitting! The next 2 tracks make me think that you can really put Tha S Ence up there with Black Milk, Exile and some of those other underground’s favorite producers. I copped that Guilty Simpson album, heard the Percee P album, got the Black Milk album and Hustle Simmons is kinda in the same category like these, with the difference that it sounds better to me…
Number nine is called “Celebrate” and features Richie Rasheen on the hook. Ghetto is talkin about the daily struggles, but in the end you need to get your shit together and are able to celebrate when you make it. Next up: “Outta control” Damn this beat is banging. Now I notice that Dave Ghetto’s flow kinda reminds me of a mix between Percee P and Black Milk. Hot!! I feel kinda weird cause I could say the same about every track on this album, no fillers, no bad joints, just straight bangers. All in all the album contains 14 Tracks, only negative thing I realized is that whoever mixed the album, left the vocals a little too low in my opinion, the beat sometimes swallows some of the vocals so you really have to listen close to get everything. But mixes are mostly relative, so it might be me. I know what the people who read this blog like, and I would definitely recommend buying this one. It’s up there with Blu & Exile, above most of the rest, another dynamic duo with dope beats and hot rhymes that you just need to hear.


Hustle Simmons – Everybody (Directed by Hezekiah)

For more info check the Hustle Simmons Myspace
and the Blog of Tha S Ence which is pretty dope too!

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