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WYDU Classics Sept 08 Version 1.1: I Must Dis You Vol 2

by Travis on October 15, 2008

As I said last week, we are throwing down some WYDU Classics every week in the month of October to celebrate WYDU’s 3rd birthday.

WYDU Classics Oct 08: I Must Dis You Vol 2
********(You’ll have to change the month, I think I have it as Sept on the File name and Aug in the files album….it’s mad late)*********

Back in April, I dropped the first volume of WYDU Classics: I Must Dis You. I mentioned my love for all that is good hearted (or heated) competition… long as it stays within the realm of skills and not guns. This month, I drop a second volume on your unexpecting heads, as we cover the wacky, the goofy, the serious and the dope dis tracks that have dropped over the years….

01 Common – The Bitch In Yoo (Original Demo Version)

Any hip hopper worth his weight in gold should know about this song already. Common straight sets into Cube and his Westside Connection brethren. This version is the reputed original demo version. The beat is the same for the most part, there is a few different sounds here and there. It does come with some different lyrics except for the first verse. Not as potent as the version that would be released to the masses. In some ways, Cube never really recovered from this.

02 Bumpy Knuckles – Crazy Like A Foxxx

I’m cheating on this one a bit. It would have been better if I would have gotten my CD-R of this album, before it got re released this past summer, but oh well. Freddie goes at the Ultramagnetic MC boys for a line they dropped on “Yo Black” that went something like ““why would you put a Foxxx against an alligator”. Probably not a smart idea, whether it was on purpose or not, which is still under debate. On the track, Foxxx serves beat down pie to Moe Love, Ced Gee and Kool Keith. Rumor has it, that Freddie and Keith ended up on the same cross country flight from NYC to LA, Keith was shook, but they ended up squashing the beef while on the flight.

03 K-Solo – The Answer Back

The story goes that DMX & Solo were locked up together. They were cool while in jail, but when DMX got out and Solo claims X jacked his “Spellbound” style for a track (which I have somewhere). Needless to say, the two haven’t liked each other since then. Solo sounds pissed on this and doesn’t fuck around in going right after the Dark Man X. This is vicious right here….

04 King Sun – Doo Wop

This was something I picked up off of Philaflava’s TROY forum. I had heard about it, but never heard it. King Sun was one dude that got major respect in NY back in the day. Standing about 6’9, dude was stacked. Apparently, he got sick of Pac and Deathrow back around ’96 and let them have it. It’s not all that venomous, he just tells it like it is.

05 Craig G – Ripped To Shreds

Back when the Juice Crew began to split up, Shan and Craig G got into a little spat. This short little dis track has Craig spitting the classic line, “He called me his son, but his he sure?/ I never slipped checks underneath his door”, haha, classic…..

06 D To The S – Dissin’ These Fools

As far as I know and remember, D 2 The S was a group outta Chi-Town, which Naughty didn’t have too many good things to say about while they were involved with a little snafu with Tung Twista (see “Suicide”), and D To The S took offense adn dropped “Dissin’ These Fools”.

07 Cormega – Never Personal (Fuck Nas & Nature)

After Nas dicked over his homeboy by replacing him with Nature, Cormega had some choice words for his former homie. Excuse my “favorite” DJ screaming all over the track. This track was a white label back around 2000, but I didn’t want to dig through my CD-R’s after it. It breaks up toward the end, sorry…

08 Royce Da 5 9 – Malcolm X

A somewhat newer track (03?), but Royce was straight pissed off on this one, dropping scathing lines against the D12 boys. He had some choice words for Em, but didn’t come as hard as he probably could have. You can tell this was personal. One of my favorites.

09 Eminem – Can I Bitch You can’t say Em doesn’t have a sense of humor, and he demonstrates it best on Can-I-Bitch, who is about…yeah, you guessed it, Canibus. He also throws a funny ass jab at JD (of So So Def fame) while he’s at it. I don’t remember the exact way this feud started, I think ‘Bis ran his mouth about Em in an interview if I remember right. Em throw some dirt at him on “Square Dance Rap” from his third album, then delivered the death blow on this track.

10 5 Star Moet – Moet Get’s Busy

We get into the cat fights, as 5 Star Moet comes at Shante. Don’ know anything about 5 Star Moet, or why she went after her, other than the fact that was the chick you went after to make a name for yourself back in the day.

11 J.J. Fad – Another Hoe

The Cali girl group on Ruthless thought they might as well go after Shante as well. Sparky D was spared either as the girls from JJ Fad went after both of them. This is actually a pretty good track, as they interpolate Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust”.

12 Tweedy Bird Loc – I’m Calling You a Bitch

Tweedy comes back again on this volume, going after Queen Latifah. I guess he was annoyed with Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y.” track when she asks, “who you callin’ a bitch?” Tweedy came out and basically said “ME!” Shit is straight up hilarious.

13 Luke – Pussy Ass Kid And Hoe Ass Play (Payback Is A Mutha Fucker)

Another gut busting track. Kid N Play made the mistake of saying in an interview on Yo! (I think, if my memory serves me right) saying they didn’t like negative rap such as 2 Live Crew and Luke Skywalker. Or maybe it was first done on a track from their Face The Nation album. I can’t remember. Anyway, Luke dropped this scathing comeback. It gets rather ugly.

14 J-Ro – The X-Homie

Somewhere along the way, Xzibit head got gassed (imagine that) and kind of shitted on his Alkaholik crew, or at least that’s how the story goes. J-Ro, wasn’t having it and dropped this track on him.

15 Kurupt – Callin’ Out Names

DMX is the object of frustration again, this time as Kurupt goes after him. This all allegedly after DMX stepped to and reportedly got with his woman, who happen to goes by the name of Foxy Brown. I’ve always kind of dug this track, alth
ough it could have more bite.

16 DJ Pooh Feat Kam – Whoop! Whoop!

Someone having a problem with ends when it comes to Ice Cube? Naaaah, never heard that before. Kam was pissed after he insisted Street Knowledge didn’t pay him right. Shit went down, after rumors of Kam snatching Cubes Westside Connection chain while they brawled in traffic (doubtful), Kam’s homie snatched it at a party (more likely) then gave the chain to B-Real, who then took pictures with it. Also rumors of Cube and Lench Mob running into Kam and his boys in Chicago, which Kam briefly mentions in the song.

17 Rodney O & Joe Cooley – The Sounds of the Underground
I like Rodney O & Joe Cooley, always have, but they always came across extra bitter when they started dissing the east. I’ll give them credit for doing it before it became “cool” to do so. On this track, they came after KRS One and LL Cool J. Good for a listen.

18 Pooh Man – Backstabbaz

Pooh Man had beef with the whole Dangerous Crew when he stepped. This track was basically about Too Short and Ant Banks. This song kinda sucks actually. You shouldn’t have an R&B hook on a dis track, unless it’s down tongue in cheek.

19 LL Cool J – Break Of Dawn Freestyle
LL live, spitting his classic dis track over the “Keep Rising To The Top” beat. Lyrically, there are some small differeneces, but it’s basically the same thing.

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