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Hip Hop & You Don't Stop: Old School Re-Ups

by Travis on October 16, 2008

After spending the last two nights up past 1am, my ass is going to be earlier tonight, so didn’t finish up the BDP/Krs Anatomy of a Beef tonight. I’m always busy with this shit, but seems like I’m not catching up much. Eh, oh well……

So here are a few things that have been asked for that I haven’t gotten around to upping, but we’ll do that now….

The Nonce – The Advanced Regression (Afflatus Recordings, 2005)

1 We’re The 2 MCs
2 Just What I Needed
3 Scope’n Out The Honeys (Remix)
4 Crew Jam
5 Hats
6 Laugh When I’m Cryin’
7 Scope’n Out The Honeys (Original)

A package of unreleased recordings from the Nonce crew, which was made up of Nouka Basetype (aka Sach) & Yusef Afloat (R.I.P.). They were a dope SoCal underground group, for those of you behind on your hip hop lesson. The quality of these aren’t the best in the world. I can’t even remember where I got these at. I don’t remember posting them up, and I can’t find it on my own blog, but someone wanted a re-up, so here they are.

M Boogie – Laid In Full (Blackberry Records, 1999)

1 M-Boogie – This Is Hip-Hop
2 Iriscience And DJ Babu – On Deadly Ground
3 Kut Masta Kurt Kut Masta – Representin’
4 Bedroom Produksionz – S.E.L.F.
5 Masters Of Illusion – Magnum Be I Featuring – Motion Man
6 DJ Revolution – Ya Know My Name
7 Dignified Soldiers – Themes, Dreams & Schemes
8 Planet Asia And 427 – Bringin’ It Back
9 DJ Dusk – Meditation (Part One)
10 N’Dea Davenport – Bullshittin’ Featuring – Mos Def
11 Innernational Sumkilla - Whoop Ass
12 Lootpack – Weeded It
13 DJ Rip One – Respect
14 Senoj Manifest – My Destiny (Interlude)
15 DJ Babu – I’ve Always Wanted To Be A DJ
16 Rasco – Major League Featuring – Defari , Evidence (2)
17 Insane Poetry - Lyrical Catacombs Featuring – Melo-D
18 Peanut Butter Wolf - Peanutbutter Representin’
19 Joey Chavez – Reservation For One Featuring – Evidence (2)
20 Rhettmatic – Funky For You
21 DJ Spooky With Kool Keith And Sir Menelik - Object Unknown (Funky Redneck Vocal)
22 Mr. Supreme With Al’ Tariq – Run The Show
23 Associates, The – Ubiquity (M-Boogie Remix)Featuring – Divine Styler , Evidence , Key-Kool
24 Rasco – Soul Father Representin’
25 Missin’ Linx – M.I.A.
26 Melo-D - Dont Fuck Wit Me
27 Associates, The – From The Ground Up (M-Boogie Remix) Featuring – LMNO, Iriscience, Shaydie , T Love
28 M-Boogie Out Takes

I haven’t heard anything about M Boogie in quite some time. The last real listing Discogs has for him is producing some stuff on “How The West Was Won” LP from Rasco and Planet Asia. M Boogie was a producer, who dropped a couple compilations, ran his own label (Ill Boogie Records) and did some quality Primo imitations, just listen to Jean Grae’s (aka What What as she was known at the time) track “How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend” and Akbar’s “Big Bang Boogie”, for verification. This was actually a pretty dope compilation for it’s time, something in the vein of Soundbombings that were coming around the same time.

Rich Nice – Information To Raise a Nation (Motown, 1990)

1 The Rhythm, The Feeling (5:15)
2 Outstanding (5:36)
3 It’s Time To Get Hype (4:14)
4 So What You Gotta Man (3:28)
5 Desperado (The Mexican) (4:15)
6 Outlaw (4:50)
7 Dead To The Knowledge (4:42)
8 Trouble Man (5:16)
9 Information To Raise A Nation (4:04)
10 Two Seconds From Disaster (4:08)

Don’t let the Motown moniker fool you. Motown had a very lackluster track record regarding hip hop music. By this time, it was under control of Universal, who like most majors, didn’t have a clue how to market hip hop. I’ve never really cared for this CD all tha much. If you had to pick a track to check out, it would be “Desperado (The Mexican)”. Since I didn’t listen to this album much (I had it on tape back in the old days), I really don’t know much about it or have much to say about it. As far as its availablity, I used to see it quite a bit in the stores, but I can’t recall seeing it in awhile now.

Euro-K – Euro-K (Profile, 1990)

1 Brother Man (4:06)
2 I Don’t Sleep (4:30)
3 Inner City Blues (4:32)
4 Friday Nite (4:07)
5 She’s A….. (3:45)
6 Subtle Party (4:17)
7 Let Us Get Back (To What We Call Hip-Hop) (4:18)
8 Mr. Do (4:07)
9 Soul Power 1990 (4:18)
10 Life (Ain’t It Funky) (4:00)

This album, although not particularly great, will always hold a special spot in my memory. The single was “She’s A…..” and I only remember seeing it once on Yo! MTV Raps back in the day. That one time was all it would take for me to try to hunt down the album. Since it was released on Profile, you’d think it would be fairly easy to track down. Well, it wasn’t. In fact, it wasn’t until 1993, while visiting my aunt and uncle in Salem, Oregon, that would finally track down a copy of the album, on tape. I found it some little used music store. They didn’t have shit for hip hop music, in fact, I want to say I found it in the Jazz section or some shit. There is nothing really mind blowing on it, in fact about the only “claim to fame” is Tony D mixed it. Still, I tend to like the album, if for nothing else the hunt it gave me to find it. It’s still real hard to find. I can’t recall ever running into it again anywhere else. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m probably the only person to up this anywhere on the web, at least I’ve never seen it anywhere else. I finally broke down and bought it off of Amazon, so obviously it was out there. Regardless of it’s eluding me throughout my life, it’s still fairly cheap online.

Doug E. Fresh – I-Ight (Alright) (Gee Street)

1. I-Ight (Alright) [Explicit]
2. I-Ight (Alright) [Allstar Remix]
3. I-Ight [Alright][Edit][Mix]
4. I-Ight (Alright) [Reggae Remix]
5. Freaks
6. Bounce [Non Explicit]

If you were like me, you went out and bought Doug E Fresh’s Play LP based on the dope “I-Ight” video that MTV was showing a lot in those days. Then you were pissed when the version on the album was different that the video version. Well I spent quite awhile looking for the video version. I finally ran into the CD single while living in Denver. Now I have no reason to ever play that crappy Play LP ever again

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