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New Artist Spotlight: Distrakt

by Travis on October 19, 2008

Hailing from the beautiful town of Colorado Springs, my man Distrakt brings a unique “old school” flavor to the table. Entrenched in the old school, boom bap hip hop, Distrakt brings his talent for all that is hip hop as a MC, a producer, and he even directed his own video. Uniqueness is something missing from hip hop and this cat is the holder of the boulder when it comes to bringing something different to the table.

After releasing the “Distraktions” in 2006 on Fat Beats, Distrakt is hard at work on his new album. He has released this video to get cats geared up for it. It’s entertaining, funny, and intriguing all in the same view.

W: What’s good my man, can we get an introduction of who you are and where you represent?

Distrakt: This is Distrakt. Representing from Colorado Springs, CO. If you like normal today rappers, you’ll hate me.

W: Alright man, gotta give love to any fellow Coloradan. What is your take on the Springs/Denver/Boulder/Ft Collins scene?

D: It’s healthy.

W: You definitely got an unique style, flavor, and sound to what you do, which I find quite intriguing. One that you might even call “unorthodox”. How would you describe your sound to someone that is new to your sound?

D: The Distrakt sound is like homemade cooking you know.

W: As an MC, you seem to be well in touched the history of the old school, and by old school, I mean the legends such as Flash, Caz, Melle Mel and others. Why do you think it’s important to keep the old school memory alive in your music and your views on hip hop?

D: A tree grows because of its roots. Here’s a free E-Book done that covers a brief synopsis of the founding fathers and some of the greats that got us here today: This is for the babies.

W: It seems kind of “odd” (not in a bad way) that an MC out of Colorado Springs was able to hook up on Fat Beats, how did you hook up with them.

D:“Huh, well it’s not that easy
You gotta get a label that’s willin’ and able
To market and promote, and you better hope
(for what?) that the product is DOPE…”

- Diamond D from D.I.T.C. on the Low End Theory record by
A Tribe Called Quest called “Show Business“.

W: The video for “Fire Escape” is a trip. It looks like you had a lot of fun in making it, how did that idea come together? How much work and time went into it?

D: I love Sci-Fi and fantasy. Indeed had a lot of fun making that video. I treated it like making beats and rhymes. Didn’t take much time putting it together, because I had a storyboard done. The idea came from when I’m making beats and songs I look forward to painting what it looks like on a TV monitor or a movie screen. It’s easy, because I enjoy doing visual arts.

W: As a man of many hats, producing, MCing, directing your own videos, and I even saw you doing some welding in one of your video blogs, which appeals to you the most? Which do you take the most pride in?

D: All of them, because being creative and original makes me happy. I like having fun it makes life a little easier, don’t you agree?

W: Your stage shows sound even as creative as your music and your videos. What goes into a Distrakt stage show and how is it different from your average club show?

D: Not sure, because shows I do are always different. My behavior on stage is unpredictable. I vibe off the crowd a lot! When you pay good money to see a show, it should be quality, shouldn’t it?W: What is Distrakt currently working on? What can the listeners expect in the near future?

D: Currently working real hard on the new record. To the Distraktoid Army™ they already know what’s going down for those just getting to know, just expect the unexpected. Stay posted on these official Distrakt sites:

Also here’s a free e-magazine from Yard Rockers™:

W: Any last words for those looking for something creative and different in their music?

D: First like to thank you Trav and Wake Your Daughter Up for the interview. For those looking for something, here’s a quote.
Creations are lessons for those after you.Distrakt

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