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Head Nodding

by DJSoulClap on October 21, 2008

Hey people, this is an old blog that I posted on myspace like two years ago, I thought this might be fun for some of you to read…

Head Nodding! Everybody knows it and does it, even your father when he listens to some Joe Cocker or Queen….But there are many types of head nodding, and I’ll try to tell you about how I see it!

1st, there is the SHY nodder, someone who sits on the bus, or at university and got the headphones on. He is too shy to let his ffelings out, cause it might be embarassing being the only one who nods. So he just whips slightly with his head, cause he has to do it, the music just makes him do it, but he controls himself.

2nd, there is the HARD nodder, someone who either isn’t afraid of what the other might think, or he doesn’t have the power to contol himself. He nods his whole head and you might get the imprssion that the neck might break. You see this type of nodder at Hip Hop shows (or rock shows if you got loooong hair) Everybody is nodding hard there, so you don’t have to fight the feeling.

3rd there is the SOUL Nodder, he really nods with passion, I’m one of those. YOu can’t fight it. It might be funny for other ppeople, cause the soul nodder nods without listening to music, he got the music in his head!!! I sometimes catch myself nodding slightly during a lesson at university, cause it’s boring and I got this beat on my mind. I don’t even realize that I’m nodding. If you don’t realize that you are nodding, you are a true Soul nodder!

4th, there is the SHAKE nodder, a nodder who shakes his head while nodding, sounds strange, and it is! It’s like you want to say yes and no at the same time. Like if you can’t belive what you are hearing, that track is so dope and you have to nod, but you are shaking your head, casue that track is incredible! This just happens if you are really feeling a track (or if you are close to falling asleep)

5th, is the BODY nodder, this type is kinda strange. The body nodder doesn’t use his neck, he uses his waist, he is whipping fromt to back with his whole upper body, sometimes from left to right, too. This really looks crazy, cause you have the feeling that this person is stiff. You don’t see the body nodder often in these times, so if you see one, be lucky, cause it’s a rariety! Especially if it’s a fast track, cause it’s hard to move the whole upper body quick, the body nodder might fall to the ground if the track is too fast!!!

6th, is the DANCE nodder, this happens with people who don’t really want to dance, but nodding isn’t enough for them. It’s like the step from nodding to dancing. They still nod their head, but move their feet and might make some estures with their hands. It can happen that they move their upper boday in a circle while they do it, but that is just something for the advanced dance nodders, not everybody can do it.

Last but not least, there are the unrythmic nodders, sometimes BODY nodders too! Everybody experienced that at Hip Hop shows. There is a guy in front of you (girls are usually rhythmic) and you are asking yourself “WTF is he listening to?” He just nods his head, not with the beat, he just nods it with the same speed, no matter which track is on!

So I hope you all learned something today. Maybe you know some other types of nodders, please tell me about them!

One Love!

Oh yeah, my top 3 head nodding joints this year:
Busta Rhymes – Don’t touch me
The Roots – Get busy
Torae – Switch

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