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Hump Day Re-Ups and The Such…..

by Travis on October 22, 2008

What’s good boys and girls? Hopefully everyone is enjoying their hump days. Fall is kicking in full force. The seasons are changing, the chill is in the air, especially in the morning. I love fall, its my favorite season by far. Fall also means the start of the fourth quarter for hip hop, which is usually absolute madness. After a quick start on Sept 30th, it’s been fairly mellow so far, but I’m sure we are in the calm before the storm. A couple rumored releases:

Dr. Dre – Detox

I’ll believe it when I see it….same with Rae’s OB4CL II

Common – Invincible Summer

While I haven’t hated the last two Common LPs, I wasn’t crazy about the neither. We’ll see…..

Q-Tip - Renaissance

I haven’t been paying much attention, but if this is or is similar to the stuff that leaked a couple years ago, I’ll be disappointed. But then again, I saw a producer list, so looks like he might have went back to the recording booth, in that case, it’ll be interested to see what happens.

Jay-Z – (Whatever He’s Calling It)

I like Jay, always have. His albums are usually worth listening to, although usually not all the way through. American Gangster was good, Kingdom Come bored me after 2 days, and the Black Album was very enjoyable. The leaks so far from this project haven’t been too impressive in my mind. I just hope he doesn’t release the accapellas….no offense to any producers out there, but I’m not sure I can make it through another relapse of Jay remixes (I was a like a crack junkie on those things)

of course some underground stuff that I’ll probably be more into in and a lot of other stuff I could give a fuck less about…..let the crazy time begin….

Tasc4orce – Time To Shine EP (1996?)

1. Intro
2. Time Ta Shine
3. Hood Life
4. War
5. Homicide
6. Dats Whats Up
7. Dane Diggy

Some Philly goodness, right and exact. I should thank for this joint first, and Soopacee I believe. They hooked up this rather rare goodie. I had an email this past weekend requesting it, so here it is. Tasc4orce was ruff-n-rugged group out of Philly, this EP is one of the few things, besides some singles they did before they became Naam Brigade. This is definitely worth a listen for all you fans of Philly music.

The First Priority Music Family : Basement Flavor (First Priority Music 1990)

1. Alliance -Get On Down (3:48) Producer – The King Of Chill
2 Audio Two- Many Styles (4:55) Producer – Audio Two
3 MC Lyte & Positive K- I’m Not Havin’ It (3:29) Producer – Audio Two
4 Michee Mee & LA Luv- Victory Is Calling (5:29) Featuring -MC Lyte Producer – Beat Factory
5 MC Lyte- Survival Of The Fittest (3:58) Producer -The King Of Chill
6 Positive K- Tramp (3:22) Featuring – Milk Dee Producer – Audio Two
7 Audio Two- Peer Pressure (4:06) Producer – Audio Two
8 Michie Mee & LA Luv- On This Mic (5:42) Producer – Beat Factory
9 Alliance- Kibbles And Bits (4:24) Producer – Alliance
10 Positive K- Impulse On Three (4:35) Featuring – Barsha Producer – Audio Two
11 Soulshock- Break The Limits (4:54) Featuring – See-Que Producer – Solid Productions

I’ve discussed this album at nausea, but it’s always good to re-up no matter what. Wouldn’t mind finding this bad boy on wax someday. Get if you missed it the first time.

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