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WYDU Classics Oct 08 Vol II

by Travis on October 23, 2008

Part of the on going month long celebration of the three year exsistence of WYDU kicks off tonight with another volume of WYDU Classics, and we have some BANGERS for y’all tonight. I’m running low on fumes, super tired, it’s late, and spent a bunch of time working on another WYDU project that you will see soon enough in the near future, so this will be rather short and sweet and to the point. It’s definitely a compiliation that you should check out, especially if you want to brush up on your history. Some rather obscure stuff showing up on the scene. Thanks to the sites that might have contributed to this collection.

WYDU Classics Oct 08 Vol II

01 Notorious BIGCome On (Original Version) feat Sadat X
02 Big KwamI Don’t Give A Fuck (Original Version)
03 E BrosFunky Piano (Dirty)
04 Jeep Beat Collective - Hip Hop Love
05 De116 With a Bullet (album version)
06 Germ - Itz Uzelezz ft. Lin Que and Finsta (Evil Dee remix)
07 Nine -When The Shit Hits The Fan
08 Screwball ft. Prodigy Godfather DonHeat Is On
09 3rd BassGladiator (Easy Mo Bee Mix)
10 Greyson & JasunNo Shortz
11 Low Profile - The Dub B.U. Just Begun
12 Digital UndergroundYour Life’s A Cartoon (Longer Version)
13 PharcydePanty Raid (original vocal)
14 Jimmy ZFunky Flute (Remix) (with Dr. Dre)
15 MisaShake The House (club mix)
16 DMX - Born Loser
17 Mobb DeepShook Ones (Original)
18 Nas - The Message (Original)

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