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Used CD Shopping Trip 10-25

by Travis on October 29, 2008

If you have been a long time reader of the blog, you know that one of my joys in life is going used CD shopping. My move back to the home land has kind of inhibited that passion a bit. Denver was a treasure chest of used CD stores, discounts stores, and pawn shops. Here, on the other hand, only has one independent “Record” store, and a bunch of Hastings entertainment centers. Growing up, Hastings was both cheap and had a lot of good used albums. Not any more, at least not around here. They have a bunch of garbage, and much of that goes for seven bucks or more. I personally have a problem spending much over seven bucks for any used item unless its something I really want.

Needless to say, while I’ve actually had the extra money to spend this past year, much of that has been spent on buying some of the used items there. It’s not nearly as fun though, so when I had some time this past Saturday, I decided to hit up my home base, the Record Exchange, and check out their used section. I’ve also started buying vinyl once again, meaning the first time since the early nineties. I got some vinyl as some promos from labels and that type of thing, and I forgot just how much I liked the sound of vinyl. It sounds so…..”real” I guess is the word for it. The Record Exchange has a nice collection of vinyl….well, it’s nice for around here, while it might not match Wax Trax or Twist & Shout back in Denver, they still have some nice pick ups.

Record Exchange

Purchases: All Are Used Vinyl(sorry don’t have a way to rip vinyl yet, but you should have the Eazy and Eric B & Rakim already)

Eazy-E - Eazy-Duz-It/5150 2XLP $10.00

I’ve always loved Eazy-Duz-It, holds some fond memories of my childhood (how wrong is that?), so I wanted to snatch it up. The 5150 EP wasn’t anything special, but still not all that bad to grab. As far as buying vinyl, I mainly want to pick up the classics and some of the singles that I used to have on cassette singles and the such.

Eric B & RakimPaid In Full $7.00

I probably should have my hip hop pass revoked for not owning this on CD. I do have it on tape from back in the day, just no clue where exactly.

Big ScoobChampagne On The Block VLS $3.00

One of those things I heard of back in the day, but never saw. This promo only Big Scoob (of Big Daddy Kane fame) release intrigued me enough that I had to pick it up, especially for only three smackers. Nothing amazing, but somewhat entertaining none the less.

After hitting up Record Exchange, I figured I’d humor myself by stopping at a Hastings along the way back home. As I’ve mentioned, Hastings has went to shit as far as used product goes. Not sure what the reason is for that, maybe cause the younger kids, the ones trading shit in for money or new shit, are listening to crappier music. So when they go to trade stuff back in, it’s shitty music. I’m not sure what the reason, but this trip was a bit better than it has been in the past. I didn’t spend over $5.99 for anything and got some decent pick ups. Nothing really rare by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad either.

Hastings, Boise Avenue

Paris – Sleeping With The Enemy (Scarface Records, 1992 Original Issue) $4.99

1 The Enema (Live At The White House) (1:54)
2 Make Way For A Panther (2:28)
3 Sleeping With The Enemy (2:41)
4 House Niggas Bleed To (1:32)
5 Bush Killa (4:51)
6 Coffee, Donuts & Death (3:53)
Scratches – DJ Yon
7 Thinka ‘Bout It (4:26)
8 Guerrillas In The Mist (3:11)
9 The Days Of Old (4:19)
10 Long Hot Summer (1:42)
Producer – Kif
11 Conspiracy Of Silence (3:40)
Featuring – L.P. , Sun Dubious*
Producer – Kif
12 Funky Lil’ Party (2:50)
13 Check It Out Ch’All (3:28)
14 Rise (1:12)
15 Assata’s Song (5:03)
16 Bush Killa (Hellraiser Mix) (8:23)

I’ve always liked Paris, especially the “Days of Old” track, but interestingly enough, I can’t ever recall owning a Paris album. Maybe he was just too angry for me? I’m not sure. Regardless, for a mere five bucks, I was more than happy to pick this album up.

MC Lyte - Lyte As A Rock (First Priority Music/Atlantic, 1988) $5.99

1 Lyte Vs. V
anna Whyte (2:47)
Producer, Programmed By – Alliance (2)
2 Lyte As A Rock (4:17)
3 I Am Woman (2:45)
Producer, Programmed By – King Of Chill*
4 MC Lyte Likes Swingin’ (3:17)
Producer, Programmed By – Prince Paul
5 10% Dis (5:00)
6 Paper Thin (5:14)
Producer, Programmed By – King Of Chill*
7 Lyte Thee MC (4:13)
Producer, Programmed By – Alliance (2)
8 I Cram To Understand U (4:39)
9 Kickin’ 4 Brooklyn (2:20)
10 Don’t Cry Big Girls (3:57)

Being the big First Priority Music family fan, you’d figure I’d already have the possible greatest female hip hop album ever released. Well, I did, in the form of a tape. To be honest, I was never big on female MC’s back in the day and the only two I can remember buying was Monie Love and Tairrie B. A girlfriend from my Junior year in high school had a brother who had this tape, he didn’t want it, so he gave it to me. That’s how I came into possesion of it. Over the years, of course my view on the opposite sex has changed as far as viewing them as talented MCs. The title track is probably my alltime female track and this is just an overall great album, a classic that I’m glad to get my grubby hands on.

Masters Of Illusion – Kutmasta Kurt Presents The Masters of Illusion (Threshold Recordings, 2000) $1.99 (sorry, can’t seem to get it to rip)

1. Figment (Intro)
2. Masters of Illusion
3. We All Over
4. Magnum Be I
5. U Want Freestyle? – Masters of Illusion, Matlin, Kurt
6. Scared Straight
7. Time 2 Get Right
8. Step Up
9. The Funky Redneck (Skit)
10. East West Hustlers
11. The Bay-Bronx Bridge
12. Call the National Guard
13. Back up Kid – Masters of Illusion, Matlin, Kurt
14. Partnas Confused
15. Souped Up
16. Urban Legends

From the first day this dropped, I’ve always wanted to hear this Kool Keith/Motion Man collabo album. You’d think with the magic of internet, I would have by now, but I haven’t. I was still okay with Keith back in 2000, and was a fan of the Dr. Dooom project he did. I hated the Black Elvis LP he dropped, but figured I’d give him a chance. I had heard Motion Man on the Dooom project and a couple other places and had always liked him. I still dig the dude, as he dropped a real nice cut on the Oddisee EP from earlier this year. For only two bucks, I was happy to have grabbed it finally.

Royal Flush – Ghetto Millionaire (Blunt Recordings, 1997) $5.99

1 Intro
Producer – Royal Flush
2 I Been Gettin’ So Much $
3 Iced Down Medallions
Rap [Featuring] – Noreaga
4 Can’t Help It
Vocals [Featuring] – Khadejia*
5 Illiodic Shines
6 Movin’ On Your Weak Productions
Producer – Da Beatminerz
7 Conflict
Producer – Sha-Self
Rap [Featuring] – Wastlanz
8 Shines
Producer – Hi-Tek
9 Family Problems
10 What A Shame
Rap [Featuring] – Noreaga
11 Regulate
12 Worldwide
Producer – L.E.S.
13 Niggas Night Out
14 International Currency
Producer – Chyskillz
Rap [Featuring] – Wastlanz
15 War
Producer – Royal Flush
16 Makin’ Moves
17 Reppin’
Producer – L.E.S.
Vocals [Featuring] – Michelle Mitchell
18 Dead Letter
Producer – Low (2)

Despite the fact that Ghetto Millioniare contains one of my all-time favorite songs and beats, “Worldwide”, I never got this album. The main reason was, back in the day, my boy Goosebumps and I would take turns buying albums. He was more into the grimey QB type of thing, so he bought the alubm, which I dubbed off of him (I was still rocking the tape player walkman) so despite this being a good album, I never picked it up. Until now.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Chief Boot Knocka (American Records, 1994) $1.99

1 Sleepin’ Wit My Fonk
2 Let It Beaounce
3 Ride
4 Take My Stash
5 Brown Shuga
6 What’s Real
7 Double Da Pleasure
8 Put’ Em On The Glass
9 Chief Boot Knocka’
10 Don’t Call Me Da Da
11 Nasty Dog
12 Monsta’ Mack
13 Just Da Pimpin’ In Me
14 I Checks My Bank

You should know by now, I’m not afraid to pick up some corny albums every now and then, especially if its only a buck ninety-nine. I was a big Mix-A-Lot fan, even after “Baby Got Back”, but I never bought another of his albums after hearing this one. To be fair, even Mix himself has said in interviews that he dropped the ball on making this album. Listening to it now, I realize its not as horrible as I thought it was back then, and for $1.99 I’m okay with that.

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