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Denver, Colorado Early Voting Parties Hosted By Akomplice Clothing w/ Music From DJ Low Key

by Travis on October 30, 2008

The first of probably a few more voting related topics to be seen on WYDU before Tuesday. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for (although, I think if you know me, it’s rather obvious who I want as the next president), but I think this is a very important election this year. A lot of people don’t know that you can already vote in a lot of states. You don’t have to wait until election day in the long ass lines to cast your ballet. Get out there and get it done, you’ll be glad you did.

In my former home state of Colorado, which is an VERY important state this year, my man DJ Low Key and Akomplice Clothing are hosting an early voting party TOMORROW in Denver!!!!! Dope music, trips to the polls in a limo and dope music…..did I mention dope music???

Here is what they send:

As you very well know Colorado is a swing state, and could potentially decide the entire election, so we need to make sure the youth takes a stand by voting to get the change we need.

THURSDAY, 10/30 from 11am-6pm -> Akomplice will be hosting two parties simultaneously at the Red Room in Denver (320 East Colfax) and Installation in Boulder (1955 Broadway). The parties will have music from DJ Low Key, Sounds Supreme, DJ Squirt, B-Money & more guests TBA with limousines driving to and from the the voting polls (which are both located within 3 blocks of the parties). This way people are actually casting their votes and not just talking about it. To add icing to the cake, after you return you can trade in your I voted stickers for free Akomplice gear, $1 PBRs at the Red Room and 15% off sneakers from Installation. So come drink, dance, ride in limousines, get free gear, and avoid the rush of election day by casting your vote early. 11am-6pm / 18+ to get into the parties.

If I was still in Denver, you best bet I’d be all over this. All my Denver readers, hit this up, sounds like a good time! Damn, I miss Denver……

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