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Trick O' Treat: WYDU Halloween Classics Oct 08

by Travis on October 31, 2008

It’s that scary day of the year once again, Halloween. Things go bump in the night, spooky stories are told, and ghastly visions are seen. Or you just use the holiday to dress up and get insanely drunk. What ever your views on the holiday, hip hop has always had the soundtracks to play along with any Halloween party or gathering. Over the years, we’ve had everything from Whodini’s “Freaks Come Out at Night” and the “Haunted House of Rock”, to all the Horrorcore type fad that was around the mid 90′s. Humor and gore, what other musical genre can be that diverse?

I’ve always found Halloween to be a fun. To me, it was always another reason to party. I’ve had some memorable moments over the past years, and as usual, hip hop was always involved. For the final WYDU Classic of WYDU’s birthday month, I put together some “classic” scary themed hip hop tracks. There is a little bit of everything to be found on here. Some humor, some geniune disturbing tracks. There is some corny shit, some good stuff, and some in between. I’ve never been a big horrorcore fan, so I left most of that alone. There is a gang of Freddy and Nightmare On Elm Street tracks on here. For some reason, I never realized how big of a fad that was back in 87, 88 until I watched Werner von Wallenrod’s Video blog on his NEW blogger hosted blog (how happy am I to see that?). After watching his video that included MC Chill, Rock Gee & Jazzy, and Krushin’ MCs (didn’t have the Rock Gee joint), instead of adding a few tracks to the WYDU Classic I was planning on putting up tonight, I ended up doing the whole volume on the Halloween theme. So if you don’t like it, blame Werner…haha

-Note: Seriously, if you don’t know Werner von Wallenrod’s blog before this, you really need to check it out. That cat knows more than me and anyone else I know combined when it comes to old school hip hop.

WYDU Halloween Classics Oct 08

01 D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – A Nightmare On My Street

I loved this song as a kid. I actually won an award in my Junior year English class for “Best Directed Video”, for a video I made for this song. I came up with the concept, took director’s duties and even did a little acting for it. Wow, if that video tape came out, I’d be the next Hype Williams….haha

02 Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Mainly used it for Bushwick’s last verse. This track has always reminded of the holiday, so on it goes.

03 Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 - Scary Movies

Again, we are just getting warmed up. Kind of follows the theme and I just like the song. The strings are killer and any track that has Royce and Em at his prime is good with me.

04 Masta AceScared Of The Dark

An unreleased track from the Music Man. Not really “scary” or dealing with anything scary other than racism, but again it fit the theme. This track was made after Take a Look Around and before Slaughtahouse. Dope track. You can find it these days, but I’m not going to tell you where.

05 Lovebug StarskiAmityville (House On The Hill)

The Lovebug came with a track that made modest noise back in 1985. Nothing “spooktacular” (so shoot me…), but we jump into the more themed tracks of the compilation. To read more on this particular track, check out Werner’s write up on it last year during Halloween.

06 Fat BoysAre You Ready For Freddy

I had completely forgotten about this Fat Boys track, which is odd, cause I’m a pretty big fan of the Fat Boys, but after watching the video, I remember why I banished it out to my subconscious. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. Yes, that’s the real Freddy rapping….wow…..

07 Dana DaneNightmares

Another one of the original novelty “haunted” raps from one of the original Kangol Krew members.

08 Gregory D & Mannie FreshFreddie’s Back

Another Freddy track, Fred was a popular dude. And yes, THAT Mannie Fresh.

09 DJ Magic Mike & MC Madness -Back to Haunt You

I enjoy my bass music, so have to include one of the best to ever do it in the form of Magic Mike. You had to remember the cover to this EP.

10 MC A.D.E. - Nightmare On A.D.E. Street

And while Magic Mike was probably the best selling bass artist of
all-time, I have to go with A.D.E. as my favorite bass artist of all-time. Yet another Freddy influenced track. As far as I remember, this wasn’t on any of his albums. There was a “Nightmare Bonus” on his debut platter, but I think this was only a 12 inch offering.

11 Run-D.M.C.Ghostbusters

Wow, I forgot just how much I hated this song when it came out and time hasn’t really changed that. This was that weird time when Daryl, Joe and Jay were having a problem finding themselves musically. The only good thing to come out of this song was the fact that “Pause” was the b-side and seemed to take off with it’s New Jack influenced sound, giving Run DMC a few more years before the Crown Royal LP would permanently sink their careers

12 Krushin’ MCsNightmare On Rhyme Street

Yet, ANOTHER Nightmare On Elm Street influenced song. This probably ranks as one of my favorites after the DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince effort. Freddy does a wicked beat box routine. This crew would later be known as KMC Kru that did the “Devil Up To Michigan” track that has appeared on past WYDU Classics. Learn more about this track on Werner’s video post.

13 Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh CrewSpirit

The Ghostbusters II movie tried to ruin another rap group. This track isn’t as bad as the Run DMC effort, just kind of half hearted. Funny enough, Hip Hop was high commercialized even back in those days. It’s nothing new.

14 MC ChillNightmare on Chill Street

Guess what this song is about? That’s right, Freddy! Another 12 inch single only track that you won’t find on his self titled debut (and only?) album. Learn more again on Werner and thanks goes to him for reminding me about this track.

15 Kings of PressureTales From The Darkside

Things get a little more serious with this Kings Of Pressure track. For those of you unfamiliar with Kings of Pressure, they were a group pieced together by Eric Sadler and Hank Shocklee if I remember right and featured Johnny Juice. Not bad, but would have been better with Bomb Squad production behind them. Dope song though.

16 Madstyle - Visions of Vampires

I don’t know much about this group, only found this track when I was going through some of my files on my computer looking for a Mobstyle track. This track needs to be much longer though. Fits the scary theme perfectly.

17 Gangsta NipHorror Movie Rap

Couldn’t have a Halloween themed compilation without a Gangster NIP track, could we? I’m not always big on this type of hip hop, but I can appreciate some of it and NIP is one of them.

18 Insane PoetryBring Ya Daughter To The Slaughter

Interview With a Pysco probably would have fit better, but I couldn’t pass up a song with a title that repped WYDU.

19 Geto BoysChuckie

Although I always found the Bushwick Bill and Chuckie tracks rather corny, I have to admit that I liked them, especially this track.

20 Gravediggaz feat Craig GDon’t Be Afraid of the Dark

I was never a big Gravediggaz fan, which stands to reason why I’m not completely sure where this track is from. I wanted to pick something different than the normal tracks I could have picked from the group, so this was the one I went with.

21 The Undatakaz - The Gravediggers

I know nothing about this group, can’t find shit about them either. As far as I know, I think they were from New Jersey, but that’s about it.

22 Arts of Orgin - Into The Pit

Chino XL’s first group, only the intro resembles much of a Halloween track, but I like the song, so it made it.

23 Three Six ZeroThe Lyrical Jasun

All I know is this crew was out of Connecticut and it utilizes a nice use of a Big Daddy Kane vocal sample.

24 Elem3nt - Evil Echos

This is a pretty freaky track and fits well into the whole theme. The “rapping” is weird, more like MC 900 FT Jesus doing a horrorcore track, but it’s interesting. I got nothing as far as any background though.

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