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by Travis on November 5, 2008

I’ve kept my opinions for this election sort of to myself. I have my reasons, but I’m proud of what America did tonight. It was time for a change and the voice of a nation spoke.

These are some photos I got in an email. They are from Oct 27th, on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania. After listening to his speech tonight, I was pretty fired up. I’m not saying everything is going to be rosey for the next four years, but this country has been ran into a shit hole. Tonight, the nation stood up and made it’s voice heard. Yes we can! Yes We Can!

Ignite The People (Like Obama)- 6th Sense

Dear All,

Tomorrow is election day and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am (I will be voting). I’m anxious to begin the long and difficult journey towards changing our country and the world at large.

My journey began when a gentleman by the name of Chris Stillman gave me a call. He was working for an organization that was helping bring awareness to the Obama campaign. Mr. Stillman has been a part of some of the more important PSA’s on Obama from people like Common & Stevie Wonder.

He told me he needed a song that would ignite the people. It was the night of the Grammy’s (February!) and I went ahead and made the track. A week or so later the song was recorded (thanks Incrediboi!).

Fast forward to the end of March and I was speaking with Joey Angerone. Joey came up with an incredible idea for making a video to accompany the song. I can remember the night before hand, I believe I slept all of 3 hours.

The next day myself along with a group of incredible people I consider dear friends to my heart, congregated in front of the Apollo theater. As soon as Joey said the first “action!” it was on. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

I want to thank everyone that came to be a part of the video. I also want to thank the city I call home, New York. The amount of enthusiasm was overwhelming, and it was only April. I was overtaken by the interest that the foreign tourists had for Obama.

I want to thank everyone who supported the video. Many of you put it on your site and spread the word. I want to thank my good friend Roberto Santos for spreading the good word. I’ve received so many blessings from so many people since the release of the video. Numerous attempts were made by determined people to have the video be seen in great lights. To those people I say thank you. I also must thank Common, for if not for him, I doubt the song would be what it is. And if not for Barack Obama, I along with so many of you would not have experienced our journeys toward change.

To wrap this up (ayo, wrap it up b!), I’d like to leave you all with the video and link to the song. Feel free to post again if you posted already. Feel free to post for first time if you haven’t posted. Feel free to simply e-mail it to people you know! Feel free to bang the song out in your victory celebrations tomorrow!

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