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Random Goodness: Corny Collections……

by Travis on November 5, 2008

Ice-T & King Tee – Having A “T” Party (K-Tel, 1991)

1 Ice-T Dog ‘n’ The Wax (5:10)
2 Ice-T 6 In The Morning (3:42)
3 Ice-T Iceapella (4:18)
4 Ice-T Ya Don’t Quit (4:25)
5 King Tee The Coolest (5:18)
6 King Tee Flirt (3:47)
7 King Tee Payback’s A Mutha (4:40)
8 King Tee Ya Better Bring A Gun (3

This is from one of those “great” (sarcasm noted) K-Tel releases back in the day. It’s actually a bunch of songs that were released by King Tee and Ice-T on The Unknown DJ’s label, Techno Hop Records in the mid 80′s. There isn’t anything too crazy here other than the “Ya Don’t Quit” track from Ice-T, which only showed up on a 12 inch. For King Tee’s, “Ya Better Bring A Gun” was the b-side to “The Coolest”, and didn’t show up on anything else that I’m aware of. So I suppose for those two tracks alone, this might be worth the 2-3 minutes it will take to download this.

Rapmasters Vol 7: The Best of the Laughs (Priority Records, 1989)

1 Bobby Jimmy And The Critters – Roaches
2 Doug E. Fresh & M.C. Ricky D – La Di Da Di
3 Fat Boys – All You Can Eat
4 Chubb Rock – Caught Up
5 Just-Ice – That Girl’s A Slut
6 Rappin’ Duke aka Shawn Brown – Rappin’ Duke
7 Bobby Jimmy And The Critters – New York Rapper
8 Fat Boys – Chillin’ With The Refrigerator
9 T La Rock – Tudy Fruity Judy
10 Lost Episodes aka Joe Pescipo – Honeymooner’s Rap

I’m guilty of owning this, to my defense, I did own in via tape and I bought it for one reason and one reason only, La Di Da Di. The youngsters out there probably won’t understand this, but we couldn’t just download a track we wanted. I had heard La Di Da Di somewhere (my mind is blank on where) and set off to get the song. It was only on a 12 inch with “The Show”, but you couldn’t find it in my neck of the woods. I would find this tape at the record store I used to frequent. “The Rappin’ Duke” was another song I had recorded pause tape style off of the radio station, but that was quite before this tape had came out. I’ll just leave it at that before I end up embarrassing myself.

B-ball’s Best Kept Secret (Immortal Records, 1994)

1 Bamboo (8) Hip Hop Basketball Genie (0:48)

2 Dana Barros – Check It (4:07)
Producer – Lucien

3 Malik Sealy – Lost In The Sauce (4:57)
Producer – DJ Alamo*

4 Shaquille O’Neal Mic Check 1-2 (3:45)
Featuring – Ill Al Skratch
Producer – LG Experience, The , LoRiDer

5 Bobbito – Earl The Goat (0:34)

6 Cedric Ceballos – Flow On (4:03)
Producer – Warren G

7 Brian Shaw – Anything Can Happen (5:03)
Producer – Ant Banks

8 Chris Mills (2) – Sumptin’ To Groove To (3:21)
Producer – Thayod Ausar

9 Sway & King Tech – From The Bay To L.A. (1:14)

10 Jason Kidd – What The Kidd Didd (3:52)
Featuring – Money B (2)
Producer – QD III

11 J.R. Rider – Funk In The Trunk (4:17)
Producer – DJ Slip (3)

12 Bobbito – Phat Swoosh (0:55)

13 Dennis Scott – All Night Party (3:47)
Producer – Clark Kent

14 Gary Payton – Livin’ Legal And Large (3:54)
Producer – Eric Goodwin , Mark Anthony

15 DJ S&S DJ S&S Represents (1:18)

16 Dana Barros & Cedric Ceballos – Ya Don’t Stop (4:42)
Featuring – AG , Grand Puba , Sadat X
Featuring, Producer – Diamond D

If you haven’t heard this before, be prepared for some pretty horrible rappers (yes, I’ll use “rappers” for what they are). Rappers want to be sports stars and sports stars want to be rappers, but dayum, most of these basketball players shouldn’t quit their day job by any means. There were some decent rhyme spitters among the ballers, but I’ve spent most of my waking days trying to forget that I’ve ever heard this, so I can recall who they were. I want to say Dana Barro, Dennis Scott and Malik Sealy (RIP) were among the better ones….or they could have been the bad ones, I won’t be responsible, download with caution. If you do like it, you can get a copy on Amazon for a shiny penny

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