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"..And The Goodies Keep Comin'-Educated Consumers-"The Waiting Room" EP (free DL)

by Eric on November 7, 2008

Wow! If you’ve been a frequent visitor of W.T.R. for the last year and change, then you’ll probably already recognize the name Educated Consumers already. Comprised of emcee Seez Mics and beatsmith t.E.C.K., Educated Consumers not only dropped one of the finest LPs in 2007 with their sophomore LP “Write Hear” (see sidebar widget), but now they’re back with another strong outing, the follow-up EP, “The Waiting Room” (available for free dowload at EducatedConsumers.Com).

With “The Waiting Room” the Educated Consumers don’t stray too far from the winning formula that made “Write Hear” such an underground smash.  However, this go ’round, Seez Mics and t.E.C.K. deliver a more “polished” offering that is even more impressive than the duo’s debut. And while all seven tracks included on “The Waiting Room” are extremely crisp, “Can’t Confront” (click to listen) takes the cake as the one track that I can’t seem to get enough of. In the year of the “EP”, Educated Consumers’ latest effort will find itself amongst the “big boys” of underground Hip Hop as one of the best 2008 had to offer. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to add “checking out “Write Hear” on you list of “things to do” this weekend either!

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