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A Preview of Tomorrow's Post: What Do These Artists Have In Common?

by Travis on November 11, 2008

Didn’t finish up on the post I was hoping to have done tonight, which also kicks off our next series of posts. The next series could last the next few weeks or so, depending on how crazy I get with it. Instead, you are treated to a little preview of what will be coming hopefully tomorrow.

Can someone tell me what these five artists have in common? I’m looking for one particular thing, which is rather easy if you look at it long enough. There is even a hint in one of the videos posted. Winner gets a prize pack from Audible Treats, which includes 5 CDs (Tonya Morgan The Bridge EP and El Michaels Affair to name a couple) a hat and a Doomtree shirt (medium size only). Email me at: BEFORE the next post is posted (sometime Wednesday Morning)

Whodini – Open Sesame, 1987

1 Rock You Again (Again & Again) (5:27)
2 Be Yourself (3:22)
3 Cash Money (5:08)
4 Hooked On You (5:32)
5 Early Mother’s Day Card (3:57)
6 Now That Whodini Is In The Joint (5:07)
7 Life Is Like A Dance (3:58)
8 You Brought It On Yourself (3:54)
9 I’m Def (Jump Back And Kiss Myself) (5:17)
10 Remember Where You Came From (3:44)
11 For The Body (2:30)
12 You Take My Breath Away (5:90)

I often forget that Whodini was one of the early groups that got a lot of play from me. In fact, it was this album that a kid in my 8th grade math class by the name of Chris Jones (RIP) would play in his walkmen before class. I would beg to let me listen to it as well, soon he would bring in other Whodini tapes such as Black in Black and Escape. Open Sesame was produced largely by Larry Smith, who should be recognized for his contributions on Run DMC’s first two albums. This sound can be heard on the majority of the tracks such as “Rock You Again (Again and Again) and “Cash Money”, with his guitar twinged backings, hard kick drums, 808′s and hand claps. I quickly went past Whodini, for whatever reason, but they should get more props than they do for their early success.

Mr. Lee – Get Busy 12 Inch Single, 1989

A1 Get Busy (Club Mix) (6:06)
A2 Get Busy (Radio Mix) (3:45)
B1 Get Busy (Chicago Mix) (6:03)
B2 Get Busy (Hit Man’s House Mix) (5:25)

Ahhh, some horrible Hip House music, although this single wasn’t all that bad. I’m not the biggest house fan, and Mr. Lee was on of the “leaders” in the hip house movement in the late 80′s/early 90′s. I have this whole album somewhere, but my collection is seriously fucked up as far as trying to find stuff since my move (almost a year ago, guess I gotta stop blaming it on that). The only link I found was a zshare link on Bust The Facts, but zshare is sucking balls right about now.

Steady B – Let The Hustlers Play, 1988 (rapidshare)

1 Let The Hustlers Play (4:22)
2 Certified Dope (3:23)
3 The Undertaker (5:33)
4 I Got Cha (3:17)
5 Turn It Loose (4:07)
6 Ya Know My Rucka (4:20)
7 Serious (3:23)
8 Do What You Wanna Do (3:57)
9 Who’s Makin’ Ya Dance (4:04)
10 On The Real Tip (2:27)
11 Through Thick-N-Thin (3:04)

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a HUGE Steady B fan, and Let The Hustlers Play is my favorite Stead album. I remember getting this soon after the first Yo! MTV Raps appeared. He wasn’t on that first show, but I think he was part of the “Next” group of artists they showcased. Maybe not, I’m not completely sure. I just remember picking up the tape at a Fred Myer’s (Kroger’s in some areas) electronics department along with Schoolly D’s “Smoke Some Kill” and playing those tapes non stop for a good month or so. In 1988 though, you had soon to be classic albums dropping once a month in those days, so you were constantly bombarded with new music, although nothing like these days, although I can’t say everything I hear now is “good”.

Skinny Boys - Skinny (They Can’t Get Enough)

Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Wee Rule

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