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Inbox Goodies…

by Travis on November 13, 2008

The ole inbox filled up pretty quickly the past couple days, so it’s time to shed some of it out. I haven’t listened to all of it, but there is some impressive material in this batch.

The Jive post that some of you may have saw first thing this morning should be up a little later tonight, or it might be up by the time you read this, I haven’t decided on the order I’m going to post things yet. I had some computer issues and the link for the collection didn’t get uploaded, so I held back on it for the day.

I’m also going to try to stay up on the links to other blogs again. Admittedly, I’ve slacked on that as of late. One reason, I’ve been horribly strapped for time lately and the links seemed to be one of those things that I thought I could always do “later”, yet later never really came. So I’m going to try to keep up with the links better than I have in the past and try to “network” a little better than I have.

Basementalism Interview w/ Yours Truly

If y’all missed it, I was interviewed by my homies at Basementalism Radio out of Boulder, Colorado a couple weekends ago. It’s at the very end, listen to the show though, it’s some real hip hop ish going on. (I shouted out some blogs, apologies to those I missed….you know who you are)

DJ Stretch “11_01_08″

Download this episode (72 min)

Some New Blogs I’ve Added to the List and Have Been Feeling

Nerd With Swag - Cool blog with a little bit of everything, from techie gadgets to interesting video interviews.

At The Guitar Session Seminar a few months ago we have the privilege to candidly interview the one and only Pete Rock!

Head over to our site for info and the video right here ->

And Check out our other exclusive interview with the Megatrondon Just Blaze that we did the same day here – >

elmattic – Some odds and ends with some mixes to boot.

We’ve Got The Jazz – Think some of the normal stuff, but much more indepth, meaning they actually write about what they post. Novel concept (and that’s not a dis to anyone else, hell I barely write about most of the stuff I post anymore)

hotasballs – My man Craig aka Cakezilla has been around for a long ass time. He was one of the first dudes I talked to much when I first got to Cocaine Blunts forums, so it’s always good to see him doing a blog. This one has some videos and…..covers for the Dr. Dre Roadium Tapes??? whoaaaa

Pugs Atmoz Video

Trav Says: If you haven’t gotten the Gent$ EP, GET THAT SHIT!!!

Pugs started this animated 8 bit music video (think nintendo tabletops) back in May and finally got her done this month enjoy… Taken from The Pugs Atomz album “Conversations with a Chamelion” on Gravel Records. (great album)

Pugs Atomz “Memorial feat. Dave Ghetto & Deuce Eclipse from Pugs Atomz on Vimeo.

Ill Bill – My Uncle Video

The Video:

(November 12, 2008 Brooklyn, NY) Fresh off of his successful 2 month North American tour in support of his critically acclaimed and fan-approved sophomore solo album The Hour Of Reprisal, ILL BILL is about to unleash quite possibly the most personal and creative project of his celebrated career: an uncompromising look at his relationship with one of the most influential individuals in the MC’s life; his Uncle Howie. The video was directed by 23 year old Adam Calfee, who has also experienced the pain of addiction in his own family.

Bill explains “When I was a kid, I looked up to Howie. My parents split when I was little and my mom was at work all the time. My grandmother raised me and my uncle was always around. Now that I’m older, I know that he was a heroin addict with all kinds of severe issues but as a kid, I had no idea what heroin addiction was.”

Those familiar with Bill’s career are aware of Uncle Howie’s presence in Bill’s life. His record label is named after him, there’s a ton of Uncle Howie merchandise out there and you may have even read about Howie in magazines such as Mass Appeal.

“Naming the label after him was a joke at first. It wasn’t until much later that it took on a deeper meaning. It was my way of attaching something positive to a person who had a huge, positive impact on me” states the MC. Bill continues “He had the potential for greatness but ended up going down the wrong path. Me including him in my music is my way of giving back.”

This incredible piece of animation is set to debut on YouTube today. ILL BILL concludes “I didn’t even know if I was gonna put it on the record or not. I didn’t want to embarrass him. I’ve never really gone that far… I never got that personal as far as my uncle goes. He loved it. He told me he’d be upset with me if I didn’t put it on the record.”

Pick Up The Album Here:
Kooley High & DJ Ill Digitz

Check out this new track from Charlie Smarts of Kooley High and frequenty Kooley collaborator Halo. Prod. by 88 Keys, the NC duo decided to lace this track with the style and feel only they can bring. Be sure to look for more from Kooley High and the rest of the crew very soon! As always thanks for the support.

The Latest on Kooely High

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Ill Digitz Midnight Snack

Everyone bare witness to the 5th installment of the best podcast on Earth! The Midnight Snack! Its dope, short, sweet, and str8 to the point. 30 mins of high quality tunes!
Special guest host for vol. 5….Khrysis!!!


1) Evidence – For Whom The Bell Tolls feat. Phonte, Blu &
2) Kooley High – Handle My Biz feat. Skyzoo & Halo
3) Heltah Skeltah – The Art of Disrespekinazation
4) Prodigy – The Dough
5) The Away Team – Sum of Me feat. Evidence
6) De La – Long Life feat. Talib Kweli
7) The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)
8) John Legend – No Other Love feat. Estelle
9) T-Pain – Chopped and Screwed
10) The Foreign Exchange – If This Is Love feat. Yahzarah

**All interludes produced by Khrysis**

-And if you missed the first 4 episodes:

Episode 4 W/ Arafat Yates

Episode 3 W/ Median

Episode 2 w/ Tab-One

Episode 1 w/ Cesar Comanche

-I hope you dig it, and if you do, feel free to pass it on. Peace


this is tomorrow – sunology (new beat tape featuring samples by sun ra)

01. Speak Of Love
02. Planet Earth
03. Space
04. Sunology
05. Interlude 1
06. The Sun And The Moon
07. Interlude 2
08. In A Pleasant Mood
09. ‘Round Midnight
10. The Beginning

The homie Mike at it again, creative ish going on here….
Grynch EP

Former New Artist Spotlight artist Grynch is back with a new free EP….

Click Here To Download The New Grynch EP FOR FREE

Albumn Cover

New EP for free download over @! Check it out. It was produced by Two Good Men out of Boston ( and features appearances by Geologic of Blue Scholars, Thig Natural of The Physics out of Seattle, and Tunji of Inverse out of LA.

Butta Verses

Butta Verse is responsible for one of my favorite LPs of the year……
Butta Verses featured at Underlab Studios and

Check out the new Butta Verses features with Underlab Studios and T.I.’s new online magazine

- Underlab Studios video interview
A Profile on Florida Hip-Hop artist – Butta Verses working with the likes of De La Soul and CL Smooth.

- Butta Verses interview
Here, Butta talks about settling in Florida, his time with De La Soul, and his new album.

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