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The Tipping Point x Fly 68 Presents…Fat Tony Mixtape

by Travis on November 17, 2008

…this down Houston native plans to put so me muscle in hip hop. His humble and rapid flow match his soulful up-tempo beats. His music defiantly has a message to it and represents one of those “look at me, I’m right here” artist in an era where people can’t seem to find good hip hop.”
- Dominic McDonald, Urb Magazine // Next 1000

About Fat Tony:
Fat Tony is an emcee from Houston, Texas with the ten ancy and drive to push himself into the forefront of not only hip-hop, but into the forefront of good music period. He was a part of the URB 1000 of 2008, and will be moving into the URB 100 very soon. He has released his debut EP, “The Love Life EP” in March of 2008 which is a short collection of songs displaying his talent and admiration for living a great life and being thankful for everything in it. This kid is only 20 years old and definitely has the talent to outshine most artists even within the age bracket of 20-25. His cadence is extremely impeccable, and his live show performance is astounding. He was been published in, the Houston Press, Drench Magazine and won an award for “Houston’s Best Underground Artist.”

Now, Fat Tony branches out with his latest mix tape, “The Tipping Point & Fly 68 Presents: Fat Tony” to take the listener’s ears by command. Truly, believe that this cat is in for the long haul. There are many artists that have the factor to capture a listener’s ears, but there are very few that have the element of capturing your mind. Fat Tony has this element.


The Tipping Point x Fly 68 Presents…Fat Tony Mixtape

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