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Guess That Label……

by Travis on November 18, 2008

Monday’s are always crazy days for me, so I don’t have much time to post anything of significance if I don’t get a heard start on it over the weekend. This weekend there was no such thing. Regardless I don’t have the next label post done, so it’ll be up tomorrow. In the mean time, I’ll give you all a sneak preview.

Since you all obviously know that these are label type posts, so the answer is….”What Label?”

This label recently (April of this year) re-released their whole catalog, with the exception of a 1993 album, so no posting of in-print albums, but tell me what label these artists appeared on and the winner gets a new copy of UMC’s “Fruit’s of Nature” (the repress version, sorry).

The usual, get the email to by the time I post the label post (sometime tomorrow) and I will draw a winner from the correct answers and the winner gets the copy of the UMC’s CD.

Street Military - Don’t Give a Damn (1993)

1 Tears Came From Making This Dream (5:11)
2 I Don’t Give A Damn (4:56)
3 Another Hit (4:41)
4 Street Military (Outro) (1:37)
5 Don’t Play With A Gun (6:14)
6 Gasta Get Paid (4:47)
7 Dead In A Year (5:00)

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