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Illogic preps free DL of "One Bar Left" EP for Nov. 28th

by Eric on November 19, 2008

“Sometimes an emcee comes along that changes the way that one listens to hip-hop. An emcee that manhandles the English vocabulary to a point where one can almost forget all that’s been heard and said before.  We have had a few Poets in our generation, Nas, Rakim, who have clearly shaken up the hip-hop community with their visually enticing lyrics and polished intonation.  Those such as Nas and Rakim have been heard before, but the name Illogic may not quite ring a bell to the average hip-hop head…as of yet.”

Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Illogic honed his mic skills at an early age in hallway ciphers during high school. Nearly a decade and six studio albums later, through constant nationwide touring, Illogic has shared stages with Rakim, Casual, Atmosphere, Eyedea, Brother Ali, The Roots, Common, and many many more. Most in the underground circle might remember Illogic for his classic debut, “Unforseen Shadows”, the first release of now legendary Weightless Records. Following that was the nationally acclaimed “Got Lyrics” and cult-classic “Celestial Clockwork”, all sonically molded by the deft hands of Blueprint (of Soul Position and Rhymesayers noteriety).

Between constant touring and raising a family, Illogic has been preparing his return to Weightless Records, as well as his return to the spotlight after a nearly three year hiatus. In Spring of 2009, Illogic will release “Diabolical Fun”, a lyrics and melody driven record that balances the poetic nature of a classic Illogic verse with the soulful and “out-there” melodies of album producer Ill poetic (“The World is Ours” W.T.R.’s Top Album of 2007, Budden/Portishead (click to DL) & NIN/Outkast mash-ups) (click to DL).

In anticipation of this release, Illogic has cooked up the upcoming EP, “One Bar Left” as an appetizer, so-to-speak. The EP will be available for free download on Tuesday, November 25th, and will also be available for digital purchase, with the inclusion of all EP instrumentals.

The title track from the EP, “One Bar Left” (click to DL)

Check out the movement by visiting:

Illogic’s MySpace
Ill Poetic’s MySpace

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